Maja Salvador, Kakai Bautista, Thou Reyes share their own versions of ‘Nagmahal, Nasaktan’ memes

Bestfriends Maja Salvador and Kakai Bautista give their version of the trending ‘Nagmahal, Nasaktan’ memes.

The two actress are known for their closeness and wittiness on social media, which they can surely relate with the concept of the meme at the same time giving a hilarious twists.



Everyone is familiar with the recent break-up of the two actresses that make the memes more meaningful to their fans. Maja from Gerald Anderson and Kakai from Ahron Villena. Meanwhile, one of their close friends Thou Reyes joined the fun and gave his version of the meme featuring Kakai and Maja on their sexy poses.


All photos were uploaded on Kakai, Maja and Thou’s Instagram account.


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