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Diana Zubiri returns to “Encantadia”

Former keeper of the earth gem Danaya, Diana Zubiri returns to “Encantadia” this time as a new character named Lilasari.


During a scene in Tuesday’s (October 19) episode, the face behind the enigmatic character of Lilasari was unveiled, played by Diana.

Diana will now be joining her fellow Sang’gre from the original series,  Sunshine Dizon, who is now playing Adhara in the remake.

In the storyline, Lireo-born Lilasari has the magical powers to turn people who look at her face into stone. To prevent the spread of her curse, her adoptive mother and first queen of Lireo, Cassiopeia, played by Solenn Heusaff, molded her a mask which she can use. Lilasari emerged into a cold-hearted and revengeful fighter when Cassiopeia crushed her dream to succeed her throne. Lilasari was sent to Carcero and after years of incarceration, she managed to escape with the help of Adhara.


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