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“Encantadia” director reacts to a leaked BTS photo

Fans of the epic telefantasya were saddened by the news that Kylie Padilla’s character will die in the series. GMA Network has also invited Kapuso fans to watch telefantasya as one of the Sang’gres will die sooner or later.

Cast Of Encantadia 2016 (2)

Until one “disrespectful guest,” according to Encantadia director Mark Reyes, has leaked the behind-the-scenes photo. The casts of the series can be seen mourning over someone. What is more intriguing about the photo is that the three Sang’gres are present except Amihan, the character of Padilla.

Encantadia BTS

Reyes quickly took to Facebook to post his sentiments on the leaked photo. He pointed out that the leaked photo does not end the story of Padilla’s character in the series.

“Sadly, a disrespectful “guest” on our set leaked [the behind-the-scenes] photo. I would like to point out that [the] photo does not end the story of Kylie’s Amihan,” he posted.

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According to rumors, Padilla’s character will die indefinitely so that Padilla could rest in real life to focus on her 3-month-old baby.

However, Encantadia is a fictional and fantasy series, so it’s possible that Padilla will return in the future. Reyes has advised the fans to stop being disheartened and hinted that “this is not the end” of Amihan.

“There are still a lot of stories to tell between Amihan, Ybrahim, Lira and her sisters. Don’t be disheartened. THIS IS NOT THE END of Kylie in the show.

“Keep believing in the power of Encantadia. We still have a lot of magic to do,” he added.


According to some reports, this week will mark the end of Padilla’s Amihan in the series. If the rumor proves to be true, then we should wait for the next Amihan to take over her character. Who will it be? Tell us what you think.


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