Famous love team lowers talent fee to attract more endorsements

A well-known love team has gaining lots of commercials and product endorsements. But according to some sources, it is only part of their management’s tactics to make them more relevant.

Let’s call them “Love Team A.”

JaDine Blind Item

What their fans doesn’t know is that their favorite love team is problematic in terms of talent fee. The management decided to lower their talent fees in order to attract more endorsements.

They are desperate to match the success of the more prominent and renowned love team, “Love Team B.”

Love Team B collects more product endorsements and commercials compared to Love Team A. Product agencies are still betting on Love Team B even though their talent fee is more expensive than Love Team A’s.

The source also said that if you compare the income from endorsements of these two love teams, you will notice a big difference. Therefore, there are instances that fame is not measured based on number of endorsements.

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