Another netizen claims the group “made fun” of Nadine Lustre before asking for a photo op; Bit player reacts

“Life is very much like the flip of a coin and it would do us well to remember there are always two sides to every story just as there are two sides to every coin.”

Last week, we have written an article about a bit player’s rant over Nadine Lustre ignoring their request to have a photo with their group. Harold Ferdinand Uyson, who plays a very minor character in the show, took to Facebook a lengthy status about their group’s despairing encounter with the “‘Till I Met You” lead star.


Just today, a netizen named Enzo Portes uploaded an Instagram video showing what happened before the said photo op Uyson is talking about on his rant.

Portes wrote: “These are the people who wanted to take a photo with Nadine. (Special mention Harold Ferdinand Uyson) It’s clear naman po siguro on the video how they made fun of Nadine ( @nadzlutre ) Even before they requested for photo op and video, napapansin ko na how these people mimicked and insulted Nadine.

Just a question, gaganahan ka ba mag grant ng photos if iniinsulto ng mga taong to ang alaga ko? Of course, not. It’s my responsibility to protect Nadine since I know that she’s tired already and had an immediate appointment after. 
It’s my responsibility to protect Nadine from these people who insulted her during the shoot by mimicking how she asked these talents to wait for a while.

We’re aware that it only takes seconds to take photos and videos but before you complain, make sure you don’t have videos like this showing how evident yung pang insulto niyo sa taong pagod at nag tra trabaho ng maayos.”

Harold Uyson’s reaction

Meanwhile, Uyson also gave his reaction on this video (above) on his Facebook account.

Uyson wrote: “Nakakatawa talaga at ako pa ang gagawin sinungaling! Etong video na ito nagpapatunay po na nagsasabi talaga ako ng katotohanan na sinabi talaga ni Ms. Nadine na magbibihis siya dahil narinig ng halos 10 kaming talent at ng isang talent supplier na nasa video.

“Wala po kayong maririnig na pinagtatawanan namin si Nadine dahil ang pinagtatawanan po namin ay yung beki po na talent supplier na ginagaya niya yung sinabi ni Ms. Nadine na magbibihis siya. Huwag niyo po gamitin ang pangalan ko para gawin akong sinungaling dahil totoo naman lahat ng sinabi ko sa nangyari.

“After kami sabihan ni Ms. Nadine na magbibihis siya ay sinabihan ko mga co talents ko na magbihis na din kami kasi nga feeling ko nga matatagalan pa bago matapos magbihis si Nadine. Maririnig pa sa background na sinabi ng isang talent na wag na muna magbihis antayin na lang daw namin kasi si Idol niya Nadine. at nagantay nga kami at makikita sa end na lumabas si Loren na sa kanya ako nag pa picture na lang. So in short hindi po namin kinatutuwaan si Ms. Nadine at wala kaming nabanggit na masama laban sa kanya. Ano po yung pinalalabas na dahil pinagkakatuwaan namin siya kaya ayaw niya magpapicture.

“Mga Diehard fans talaga huwag kayong gumawa ng kwento at hindi Diyos ang idol niyo. Ang artista tinatangkilik hindi po ginagawang santo. Hindi masama magbigay ng Kritiko lalo na kung totoo.”


It’s really hard to make statements between the two conflicting stories. We’re not in the position to judge but we’re hoping Nadine or Dreamscape Entertainment will shed some light on this issue since it happened during the taping of “‘Till I Met You.”

Just like any other celebrities, we believe that there’s always time for everything. Whether you are in the position of lending a listening ear or in the position of unjustified accusations, remember this: Not everyone understands what you now do… that the coin has two sides.



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