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TV REVIEW: “Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids” – Breakthrough Performances from Future Superstars

A new twist has been shown in the very fids Kids edition of “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, ABS-CBN brings the Kapamilya child stars in the center stage.


Xia Vigor – the ‘Daytime Princess’

Elha Nympha – the ‘Big Shot Belter’

Justin Alva – the ‘Musikerong Charmer’

Awra Briguela – the ‘Breakout Child Star’

Alonzo Muhlach – the ‘Bibong Child Wonder’

Sam Shoaf – the ‘Talented Cutie’

Lyca Gairanod – the ‘Young Diva ng Masa’

AC Bonifacio – the ‘Dance Sweetheart’

This season has its contemporary style as part of showcasing the talents of this 21st century kids. These eight kids have their own charms on how they will pick the eyes of the viewers. They represent the relevance of the skills of the children and how their creativity and imagination fascinate the viewers to the world of entertainment.

The Juries


This new season is also the comeback of the ‘Singer, Song Writer’ and renowned musician Mr. Ogie Alcasid as the new face in the panel of judges. As a welcome, Ogie appeared on stage as Annie singing the “Tomorrow”. Indulging the technicalities of the performance and how to own the stage or to be a total performer is the concern of his thoughts. Aside from singing and writing a song, he showcases his comedian side as an artist to this show with the help of the host Mr. Billy Crawford.

Sharon Cuneta is the heart and smile of the show. She depicts the mother’s love to her child and her words of encouragement inject to the heart of the children to be an inspiration. She knows how to appreciate the child’s performance.  Through her smile, the value of small things or performances from kids are more valuable that anyone.

Gary Valenciano is an epitome of a judge who denotes the constructive criticism for children. The way he gives comments is a very uplifting and changeling to hear. He debunks the weakness and turns it into a strength in the next performance.

Pilot Performances

Mommy Dionesia Pacquiao

Awra established an impeccable performance as Mommy Dionesia Pacquiao in the pilot episode of “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids” last January 7, 2017.


Talent plus Entertainment, that’s what you called “unkabogable child superstar”. The performance clearly defined how talented Awra is… that the three judges were fascinated that led them to be speechless.

Because of the ample performance, the protégé’ of Vice Ganda trended on social media, with thousands of netizens broke their silence to cheer the Breakout Child Star.

“UWIAN NA MAY NANALO NA!!! AWRA AS MOMMY D HAHAHAHHA 😂 #YFSFKids — These Damn Words ❄️ (@TheseDamnWords) January 7, 2017”.

Indeed, Awra named as the first weekly winner with a total of 24 stars, winning P50,000 in prize money plus another P50,000 worth of toys for his chosen charity, Harvesters’ Foundation, Inc.

Selena Gomez


Xia’s charm is a good starter for this competition. She establishes the complexity and creativity of a child performing on stage.  The entertainment value as Selena Gomez become strong because of the inborn wittiness of Xia.



Powerful performance by Elha Nypha as Beyonce. Gary commented the skill she has in controlling her voice to be able to come up with a great performance. Elha has its fear to dance while singing yet the amiable sing and dance performance reflects how passionate she is in practicing her piece.

 Michael Jackson


Justin Alva performed with a complete pack of the legendary song of Michael Jackson, “Beat It”. We can see how talented the ‘Musikerong Charmer’ because of the impressive moves and angst as Michael Jackson. The three judges were grateful having a child performer showcasing God’s gift. He is a representation of a strong child in the midst of challenges in life.

Harry Styles


As his age 6 years old, Alonzo simply gave the cutest performance that killed the sadness of the viewers especially, his daddy, Nino Muhlach cried because of the performance of his son.

Out of the innocence, Alonzo structured himself to his mentors that lead to a serious performance yet, you can see his personality of being bubbly afterward. That’s the reason why he needs to learn how to enjoy on stage. But I love how Gary Valenciano viewed his performance noting a heart sign because he loved the performance so much.

Bruno Mars


Sam Shoaf mimics the legendary pop music icon Bruno Mars. Sam simply wear the angst of energy. Ogie said that he nailed his performance that supports by the comment of Sharon telling that he did a good job studying the moves and groves of Bruno Mars. Gary reveals how should children imitates Sam as an artist crafting his masterpiece.

Sam Shoaf shows as early as his age the passionate person to his work pertinent to his performance. I agree with Gary that he will be the toughest contender.

Katy Perry


The first winner of The Voice Kids, Lyca Gairanod is going out to her comfort zone singing “Roar” by Katy Perry. But suddenly, the “Young Diva ng Masa”, find hard and uncomfortable to her genre of music that she needs to imitate.

Likewise, to Gary’s comment, “she is just starting…”

The dull presentation negates the future as she will practice and concentrate to the icon that she will imitate.

Britney Spears


AC is known for her dancing prowess yet one thing people don’t know about her is she also knows how to sing.  She is going to imitate the pop princess, Britney Spears. We cannot change the fact, that AC has its own style of dancing that she can use as a tool for her following for performances.  A Total Performer, from her dancing groves with a heartfelt voice surely, AC will be the next Sarah G.

Thus, the pilot episodes have declared a high standard of entertainment for this industry. This is a good show for children to watch. They can unconsciously have learned the standards of a performance for children and how to handle the talent of this generation.


Written by Racel John Besa

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