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WALANG FOREVER: 14 Celebrity Couples Who Almost Had Their Happy Ending

It is a known fact that we as humans cannot predict what fate would bring to our lives.

We found our loved ones and thought it was a happy ending for us. Then in just a snap, all the memories you both shared could be gone like a comet from dark sky.

Our stories is no longer familiar to celebrities. Whether you are famous or not, you can be a victim of love.


Because we can prove that there’s no such thing as forever, we list 14 of celebrity couples who almost had their happy ending.

Geoff Eigenmann and Carla Abellana

Carla Abellana announced in 2010 that she was in a relationship with her reel partner Geoff Eigenmann. Four years later, she was also the one who confirmed their break-up.


Abellana clarified that there was no third party involved. She added that the problem was between her and Eigenmann. The actress also said that they are still friends and she was thankful to Eigenmann because he taught her how to be a tougher person.

Zanjoe Marudo and Bea Alonzo

The 5-year relationship of Zanjoe Marudo and Bea Alonzo’s can be compare to a metal. It could be one of the strongest materials on earth but if you don’t paint or put oil coatings on it, it will soon get rust.

That’s what happened to Marudo and Alonzo—they didn’t put much effort on their relationship. Like what Alonzo said, the problem with their relationship was their lack of time to each other. Thus, the strongest metal that was seen by the public is now covered with rust.


However, when Alonzo was asked whether there is a chance she will get back together with Marudo, the actress said: “Hindi ko alam. Ngayon kasi, magkaibigan na lang kami.”

Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil

Many have thought that Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil would make it until the end. However, after 5 years of being together, the two Kapamilya stars separated ways.

In an interview with “The Buzz,” Crawford admitted that he was “lost” and “confused” when he broke up with Gil. The actor also dismissed the rumors that there was a third party involved.


Meanwhile, Gil confessed that lack of sex was the reason why Crawford cheated on her. She admitted she was still a virgin and she thought it was okay for Crawford to wait for their marriage to come before engaging in sexual activities.

Nonetheless, Gil was thankful because, according to her, they could have lasted longer if she didn’t know the truth. Also, Gil has moved on with her fiancé BJ Albert while Crawford was engaged to Coleen Garcia.

Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu

Before Kathniel came into limelight, there was Kimerald first. Kimerald was once the most bankable love team of their time until the two actors went their separate ways in 2010.

kim chiu gerald anderson

Five year later, Chiu hinted about Anderson’s disloyalty in their relationship, she, however, didn’t disclose the identity of the third party. It will be remembered that Chiu and her best friend Maja Salvador had put a crack on their friendship when Salvador started dating Anderson.


In 2016, Anderson and Salvador have broken up but neither of them gave any reason why.

Dingdong Dantes and Karylle Tatlonghari

Many people thought that Karylle Tatlonghari and Dingdong Dantes would remain a power couple until they get married. However, at the height of the phenomenal success of “Marimar,” Dantes was linked to another Kapuso star Marian Rivera.

karylle dingdong

The happy ever after immediately turned into never ever after— as in they are never ever getting back together—after Karylle broke her silence to confirm that they were no longer an item.


It took many years before Tatlonghari found her “the one.” In the case of Dingdong, he is now happily married to Rivera with their super cute baby, Zia.

Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzales

While Daniel Matsunaga saw himself with Erich Gonzales “a hundred years down the road,” Gonzales however said they should leave everything in God’s hand for they didn’t know what would happen in the future.

Real-life sweethearts Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga

Gonzales was right when she said that; because 2 years since they got together, she and Matsunaga called it quits. Gonzales in her interview with ABS-CBN said there was no third party involved in their relationship. She also stressed that they were not friends and she would not give further details.

Until now, the cause of their break-up is still unknown.

Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin

Fans of Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin rejoiced when the two actors decided to reignite the flame of their relationship in 2014. The couple had broken up in 2009, yet they proved that love is sweeter the second time around… or did they?


After more than 2 years since they get back together, Locsin and Manzano confirmed that they were once again splitting up. It was hinted that Manzano was in a romantic relationship with actress Jessy Mendiola.

Jessy Luis

Although Manzano didn’t end up with Locsin, he clarified that they’re still “friends.”

Patrick Garcia and Jennylyn Mercado

After a year since they announce their relationship, Jennylyn Mercado and Patrick Garcia announced that they would soon become parents. But Mercado admitted that the couple was facing struggles in their relationship since Garcia almost didn’t support her “emotionally and financially.”


To make the situation worse, Garcia said in his interview in “The Buzz” that he wasn’t sure if the baby that Mercado was carrying in her womb was his. Mercado had given up on their love, but Garcia said he is willing to give her more time.

In the end, Mercado raised their child by herself and Garcia moved on with his new wife Nikka Martinez.

Sol Mercado and Denise Laurel

A good career, an adorable son and a loving fiancé—what else Denise Laurel could wish for? Ah, marriage.

In 2013, Laurel and her then-fiancé Sol Mercado were engaged to each other after a year since they confirmed their relationship. However in 2016, Laurel said that their wedding would be postponed until 2017 because they need a lot of preparations.


Who would have thought that the “preparation” she was talking about was on how to end their relationship? Laurel took to Instagram to clarify that she and Mercado were no longer engaged and emphasized that they’re now “friends.”

Mercado in his interview said that the announcement made by Laurel was not actually a shocker for him and he confirmed that they indeed still friends.

Kasal na, naging bato pa. Well, at least they’re still friends.

Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban

Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban were together for 6 years before splitting up. They were also living in one roof together, so their fans were shocked when they confirmed their break-up in 2012.

angelica derek

Panganiban revealed on her Twitter that Ramsay had been cheating on her several times. Plus, in one of her interviews, she said that Ramsay was a “controlling boyfriend.”

Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta

They were one of the biggest love teams of the 80s. The tandem of Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta became was well-accepted by the public. And like JaDine, the two decided to go into romantic relationship.

richard dawn 1

It was almost a happy ending for the power couple, until Gomez was involved with some other women. Zulueta broke up with Gomez to reflect and to explore his life as a single.

However, when Gomez finally realized he was prepared for a more serious relationship, he married Lucy Torres instead.

Nevertheless, the two reconciled and decided to become friends instead. Zulueta disclosed she can comfortably work with Gomez now.

Meanwhile, Torress confessed that she never feels jealous if Gomez and Zulueta would work in a project together. Plus, Zulueta is now married to Anton Lagdameo.


Both parties are now happy for they have spouses who understand their work as actors.

Dolphy Quizon, Sr. and Zsa Zsa Padilla

The couple could have had their happy ever after if not for Padilla’s 10-year petition of annulment with his ex-husband Dr. Modesto Tatlonghari. The years 2011 and 2012 were considered the “bittersweet years” for Padilla.


In 2011, she announced that her petition of annulment with his ex-husband was granted by the court. Thus, she was free to marry her long-time domestic partner Dolphy.

zsa zsa conrad

Unfortunately in 2012, the two didn’t have a chance to tie the knots because the King of Comedy died at the age of 83 due to multiple organ failure. In spite of what happened, Padilla has still found new hope with her new found fiancé Conrad Onglao.

Jericho Rosales and Heart Evangelista

This “walang forever” event of Jericho Rosales and Heart Evangelista deserves this position in our list.

It was a true love story between Rosales and Evangelista… until one day, everything was changed. Evangelista suddenly broke up with Rosales… on national television… without Rosales’ knowledge.

heart jericho

Shocked by the news, the actor returned to the Philippines from his taping in Malaysia to clear things up. He waited for more than 5 hours outside his ex-girlfriend’s condominium unit so that he could explain his side, but Evangelista didn’t show up.

Rumors of Rosales cheating with Malaysian superstar Carmen Soo circulated. However, it was proven that the rumors were all lies and the prime reason of their break-up was none other than Evangelista’s parents. Evangelista’s parents didn’t like their daughter to end up with Rosales, thus they had spread lies that the actor was cheating on Evangelista with Soo.

Evangelista, being young at that time, believed their parents and made a decision that she later regretted. Rosales was the actress’ “the one that got away.”

Four years after their break-up, Evangelista revealed that Rosales remains her “one true love.”

She LIED: “It’s not sad.”

However, she confessed: “At least you met him. It’s not sad because it was so great that you’ll never, ever forget. You can still feel it to this day. The way I see it, I’m just so happy I experienced it because not all people do.”

Two years later, the actress “coincidentally” posted a photo of a “sad” painting on her Instagram on the day of Rosales’ wedding to Australian TV host-model Kim Jones. (See? She lied when she said she’s not sad.)

heart painting

In the end, Evangelista finally moved on and married then senator Chiz Escudero.

heart chiz

At least, she made her parents proud? What do you think?

Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto

The love story of Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto proved that only death will set couples apart. At the height of their fame in early 2000s, the relationship of Yan and Barretto was put into test when rumors started flying that there was an unidentified third party involved.


Barretto told the media that Yan had promised that he would “fix everything” after his trip to Palawan. Unfortunately, Yan’s promise never came into light as he passed away on 29 March 2002 in his hotel room. An autopsy report shows that Yan died from hemorrhagic pancreatitis.

Barretto went on to marry actor Raymart Santiago in 2006, but they separated in 2013 after she accused Santiago of physical violence.


Until now, Yan’s memories haunt Barretto, as she’s still keeping the letter that was given to her by the late actor.


What makes it sadder is the fact that Barretto misses her beloved man up to this day. Every year, according to her, she considers Yan’s death anniversary a nightmare.

In 2016, the actress brought her two children at the old flat where she and Yan lived together. She then shared her tearful thoughts on her Facebook.

She wrote: “Tonight, after 14 years, I will be staying in LPL. The pain is so strong, I’m afraid it may knock me down. But I have to face tonight without you. Too many memories that are so clear like it was just yesterday. Just you and me.

“Tonight with my kids, (It’s their) first time to ever step in our home. Feels surreal. Help me do this with grace, maybe a lot of tears, but help me get through this with a smile.”

claudine insta

I’m sure that somewhere out there, Yan is still guiding Barretto even though he’s gone. Moreover, Yan’s love for Barretto is like a sea breeze—you can’t see it but you can feel it.


Annoying as it may sound, but there’s no such thing as “happy ever after.” What exists is the “reality ever after” that can teach us how to enjoy life, live it to the fullest and accept the sorrows it may bring. It’s not their fault if they didn’t get their happy ending. The important thing is they experienced to love and received the love they wanted.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all, and walang forever!


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