Joao Constancia addresses the issue that he is the most popular member of Boyband PH

Although entertainment site didn’t cite their source about “several quarters” who speculate that Joao Constancia as the most popular member in Boyband PH, he still gave his statement to such issue.


“They say but at first I guess I was shocked because we really didn’t expect that,” he said.

The 19-year-old rookie added that they have never talked about whom among them was the most popular.

“No we don’t talk about it but they do make fun of me sometimes because they say they always hear my name because it’s really different and they always hear ‘wow!’”

boyband ph

“I don’t want to think of it that way because we are a boy band. So for me talaga what really matters is, us being a whole group, altogether,” Constancia said.

He also addressed the issue about some netizens who compare Boyband PH with “It’s Showtime” male group Hashtags.


He said, “I guess for us there’s no comparison because we’re both different groups and because we are a boy band and they are a boy group and they focus mainly on dancing and for us it’s mostly singing and dancing.”

Moreover, Constancia claimed that they have met some of the members of Hashtags, thus the competition between the two groups are not true.

“Yeah we’ve met them and they’re all cool guys and we got to meet each other and talk for a while and maybe in the future, we don’t know, maybe we can perform with them too. That would be pretty cool,” he said.
Boyband PH is an all-male group that was formed in 2016 through ABS-CBN’s reality search program “Pinoy Boyband Superstar.”

Two months since they were formed, Boyband PH has launched their album and is set to tour the country to promote it.


Boyband PH is composed of Ford Valencia, Joao Constancia, Niel Murillo, Rusell Reyes and Tristan Ramirez. They also released their debut single under Star Records entitled “Unli.”


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