5 Strengthening Values of the Teleserye “My Dear Heart” for every Filipino Family

“My Dear Heart” is a Philippine fantasy drama television series directed by Jerome Pobocan and Jojo Saguin, starring Nayomi “Heart” Ramos, Coney Reyes, Zanjoe Marudo and Bela Padilla.

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1. Strengthen the Value of Family

All sides of the story of the family have been tackled in this teleserye. We awe to have a perfect family yet that perfection is not visible in reality likewise to the Nayomi “Heart” Ramos that has many trials to surpass just to have a happy family. She serves as the stronghold of the characters in the teleserye and an inspiration to the viewers.  Her heart-disease symbolizes as the courage to live for her family.

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We can mimic the idealism of the story in the projection of fantasy about family. The hatred that rotates in the role of Coney Reyes as Dra. Margaret Divinagracia gives the conflict of how families surpass the love versus ego.

Thus, the value of family elevates the motion of culture of Filipinos.

2. Strengthen the Value of Love

We are bound in the concept of romantic love and unrealistic love. As you can see in the storyline, this is full of representations of love in the figure of heart. Nayomi Ramos as “heart” – she is the symbol of love and positivity in this society. She embodies the love of Christ in his mercies in disguise.

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Heart-disease – it adds flavors in our lives. It represents the challenges in our life that we are to break.

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Dra. Margaret Divinagracia – the society’s Cold-hearted, greedy and money hungry. Yet, as a heart surgeon in the story, she will also cure her challenges as an antagonist with the help of her granddaughter.

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Family of Heart – Filipino family is far beyond in other culture, the conceptual frame of Heart’s family is forever grateful even they are extended family as this tradition elevates the love in our family.

3. Strengthen the Hope

Jude de Jesus (Zanjoe Marudo) and Clara Estanislao-de Jesus (Bela Padilla) find hopes in the life of “Heart”. The couple is very impactful as human having difficulties in life. The loads of being a father and a mother inject as a purpose to their characters. As a parent, you will do everything just to have a happy family and to put your sons and daughters in a good cycle of life.

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Their different stories optimize the faith of every Filipinos.

The life of Heart and the family that she has serves as hope for the dark story in our lives.

4. Strengthen the Faith




These three words create the notion about the faith in the story;

Faith in surpassing challenges in our family,

Faith afterlife and how you will live in this chaotic world,

Faith that you can do beyond the purpose as you know, and

Faith in God, as the teleserye wants to teach every viewer about the perfect timing.

5. Strengthen the Passion

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Unconsciously, the life of every character in the story teaches as the passion of life;

The selfless parent,

Persistence for excellence, and

The enthusiasm to live your dream.

These are some examples of how fantasy molds our identity for idealism yet crafting the realistic concept in our society.

“My Dear Heart” is a message for everyone that life is not as easy as you want.

You have to work for your success.

You have to face your fears, death, betrayal yet let God guides you.

Because you are the one who will drive for your perfection with His perfect timing.



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