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Jolegend Slaydangal — the legendary momshie who slays the internet

Over the past decades, many so-called artists have walked the earth. But only one talented young artist can slay them and prove that she’s the world’s greatest.

Do you know her?

Well, to give you some clues, she was the one who was begged by Mariah Who and Whitney Something to collaborate with them so that they could #Shookdt Destiny’s Child…

And the one who put the once maladroit Lady Gaga on top of her career.

Of course, she’s none other than…

National Football League (NFL) announced that Jolegend will be headlining the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2018.

Jolinatics over the world rejoiced upon seeing Jolegend’s promotional poster for her upcoming performance.

However, some Claudinians leaked an alleged setlist of Super Bowl 52 so they can ruin Jolegend’s performance.

Luckily, NFL was quick to react on the issue.

They immediately released the official setlist of Jolegend – proving that “Chuva Choo Choo” was not her only hit!

Speaking of “Chuva Choo Choo”, this song is a meaningful one.

Lady Gaga must be ashamed of her nonsensical songs!

The reprise version of this mega hit was even more successful.

It became the greatest and best-selling collaboration song of all-time. Vice Ganda should thank Jolegend for boosting his career.

Beyoncé who? Adele who?

Her self-titled album in 1998 also became an inspiration for Lady Gaga for her 2016 Long Play (LP) “Joanne”.

You still can’t believe? Then look at the photo below.

Here’s a photo of Lady Gaga with Jolegend in 2008.

Jolegend Slaydangal gave her singing techniques prior to her debut as an artist.

Actually, Lady Gaga’s 2013 LP was a homage to Jolegend Slaydangal, the new Queen of Pop.

I repeat, the new QUEEN OF POP.

No one can replicate Jolegend, even her die-hard fan, Lady Gaga.

Jolegend was also a golden artist, she doesn’t know how to be irrelevant.

Slaying is her hobby that Puregold Group of Companies has skyrocketed to the top.

Thanks to Jolegend Slaydangal.

Jolegend also helped Judy Ann Who to become relevant by joining her on the cover of Preview Magazine.

Without Jolegend, there would be no Mother Theresa. Deal with it.

She also earned a lot of bashers, especially from the fans of the Kim Chiupa.

Fortunately, renowned blogger Perez Hilton was here to defend the one and only legend, Jolegend Slaydangal.

Kim Chiupa must know that Jolegend has the best-selling single of all time. She should not compete with the legend by just promoting a lackluster song.

She must know her place since Jolegend is the best-selling artist of all-time.

Michael Unknown and Madonna What must be very happy for this photo opportunity with the new Queen of Pop.

Thank you, Jolegend Slaydangal!

You have changed the music scene and have inspired many artists out there. As a certified Jolinatic, expect me to cheer you on when you’re onstage.

As comical as these stories may be, Jolegend Slaydamgal makes sure that she is just a parody account of Kapamilya star Jolina Magdangal.

Nevertheless, this page is a breath of fresh air in this social media world full of M*ch* Us*n.

Keep on slaying, Jolegend Slaydangal!

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