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Vice Ganda grills netizen for “pwe” remark

After the controversial ‘Big Night’ of “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7”, another show became a victim of some netizens who can’t accept the defeat of their favorite finalists.

The show is none other than “It’s Showtime’s” Tawag Ng Tanghalan. Some netizens even labeled the show Awa Ng Tanghalan because, according to them, viewers would vote for the contestant who suffers in life.

Tawag ng Tanghalan top 6 grand finalists Pauline Agupitan,Carlmalone Montecido,Sam Mangubat, Noven Belleza,Marielle Montellano,Froilan Canlas

And although the winner has been announced, others are still debating on who should be the real winner. Some of them were even questioning the segment’s rules.

Tawag ng Tanghalan grand champion Noven Belleza (3)

In light to that, a Twitter user under the username of @CheekyCzy tagged comedian Vice Ganda to express her disappointment over the segment’s “wrong format.”

She wrote on her Twitter: “@vicegandako mali pa rin ang format nyo. Pwe. Grand Finalist ka na mae-eliminate ka pa?”

vice ganda

Other celebrities don’t usually response to their critics or bashers, but Vice Ganda lost his cool after reading the “pwe” remark.

The 40-year-old responded: “Sino kan tarantada kang maka Pwe sakin? Anung kasalanan ko sayo? May pa Jesus at Jeremiah 31:3 ka pang nalalaman s profile mong demonya ka!”

vice ganda

After his unkabogable response, the netizen eventually deactivated her account.

Vice Ganda then tweeted once more, “Wag ako ha! Isip muna bago tweet. Wag makabash lang. Para kang nagpahid ng gaas habang naglalaro ng posporo. #Sunog @CheekyCzy”

vice ganda

He also advised the netizen to “‘wag (maging) pa-brave.”

vice ganda

Moreover, he clarified that he was not mad while tweeting his statements.

“I’m not mad. It’s actually so fun to sometimes burn an idiot. Sorry im no saint,” he stressed.

vice ganda

Just because you’re bets didn’t win, doesn’t mean the show is biased towards other contestants or the it was “lutó.”

Now, who is the real lutó, I mean sunóg huh?



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