The Winners and the Loser of Last Year’s MMFF Season

In the midst of her removal of being an MMFF executive committee, Moira Lang maintains her positive belief that MMFF 2016 was not as lackluster as others may think.

The news of ABS-CBN News has broken out that she was removed from her post, along with Ed Cabagnot, due to low ticket sales of the recent MMFF movies.

Despite of the ‘false’ news, Lang explained the difference of the two recent film festivals on her Twitter account.

She cited on her Twitter that the movies from the 2015 festival were played in all cinemas across the country. It also run for 14 days, thus higher ticket sales of P1.2 billion.

Meanwhile, the recent MMFF movies were only shown in Metro Manila, which only ran for 10 days.

And although the cumulative ticket sales were P400 million, Lang proudly claimed that the beneficiaries still enjoyed P12 million, versus MMFF 2015’s P14 million.

Given the fact that the P400 million came from the combined ticket sales of independent movies, the MMFF 2016 can be considered a successful event.

So, the exclusion of Vice Ganda’s “Super Parental Guardians” from last year’s MMFF means Star Cinema and theater owners didn’t lose any money. However, the beneficiaries didn’t get anything either.

Furthermore, the only one who did not make as much in all of this was Vic Sotto’s “Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers”, which made disappointing ticket sales of… *drum rolls*

Why do you want to know?

The producers didn’t release its box-office result!

Just type “Enteng Kabisote 10” on Google and pick the right word! The truth will surely slap you 10 times!




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