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MOVIE REVIEW: “Can’t Help Falling in Love”: A Kiss to Forever

A 2017 Filipino romantic comedy drama, Can’t Help Falling in Love directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, starring this year’s ultimate love team Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.


Love shapes your future.

You are the creator of the path you want to be just to have a perfect life.

You will reprimand the judgment of society because you feel the word love.

Moreover, you will sacrifice yourself because you want to see your love to be in his or her midst of happiness.

That is love; you will learn and unlearn the imperfection.

 This theory called love will always be bounded by your choices.

The characters are very enthusiastic in the portraying the idea of “close to perfect girl” in the person of Gab (Kathryn Bernardo) who is already set to wed her six-year boyfriend Jason (Matteo Guidicelli). Suddenly, her life becomes extreme when she discovers that she is already married to a total stranger, the happy-go-lucky named Dos (Daniel Padilla).

Destiny is playful in the perspective of the story, which is very usual in plotting the story in the Philippines. Yet, what you will like the most is the undying surprise in the storyline especially in the revelation of the sickness of Dos.


KathNiel never fails to amaze the viewers in the film. The ultimate ‘kilig’ that they showed characterized how artistic they are in the acting prowess they have. Every scene provokes a romantic excitement and sympathy to the emotions of the characters. You will embark into an overflowing love because of the simple eye contact turns into a romantic and loving feeling. Indeed, they are the epitome in this generation as one of the supreme actors and actresses to have an effortless ‘kilig’ acting.


The element of surprise has been established in the storyline of the film. They collaborate all of the emotions that you can feel. You will laugh yet you will learn in the lines that characters delivered. You will cry yet the realization in life’s challenges has been reviewed for you to grasp the learning you need. You will love yet unloved because you will realize the imperfection of love in humanity.

The life of Dos that becomes symbolic and meaningful to surpass the life we have. Gab who reflects the demand of society we have just to put yourself on the pedestal even though you are reprimanded by your own happiness.

In the end, the two opposite became happy because of the choice they have in life. Likewise, we are bound by the standards that are hard to pass but one this is for sure, we must take the guts and learn in each decision we create.


Director Mae Cruz-Alviar blows the minds of the viewers in her skills as a director. She knows how to manipulate the artistry of editing and cinematography to become more symbolic in the perspective of the viewers. The integral part of these elements supports the meaningful transition of the story.

Thus, the cinematic perspective becomes a masterpiece and denounces the impeccable techniques she has in directing a film.


In a nutshell, the story reflects the significance of marriage.

Marriage is superficial as a couple you must learn the value of realistic view of love and sacrifice. In line with that concept is the truth and vows in reproaching the reality of the unsolved business of couple. Learn how the notion of truth and vows shape the better future of your dream family.

In love, it is not enough that you are happy; you must know the relevance of challenges in a relationship.  The connection and common denominator build the theory of love but in the end, it is a CHOICE that you need to dwell on.

Truly, culture, and beliefs of Filipinos form the consanguinity of love, relationship, and marriage that will serve as the foundation of the couple.

Your FOREVER will always depend on your choice.


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“Can’t Help Falling In Love” grosses ₱33 million on its first day