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7 Reasons Encantadiks will miss about the Biggest Telefantasya on Philippine TV

“Encantadia” is the biggest telefantasya of GMA Network since its inception in 2005. The four beautiful ladies- Amihan, Alena, Danaya, and Pirena have become household names along with their jewels- Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire.

The revival and requel (remake + sequel) of “Encantadia” on July 18, 2016 has made buzzes on social media and local press portals. With new stars, lovely costumes, more twisted story lines, and special effects, the show will surely be missed. “Encantadia” aired its finale on May 19, after 10 months of reigning on GMA Telebabad.

What are the 7 Enchanting reasons that “Encantadia” will be missed? Here’s the result of the survey

1. “The enchanting language”

This is not a Gay Lingo. But it’s not astonishing that everyone speaks this unique language- Avisala instead of “Goodbye”, Pashnea is a perfect remark when frustrated or angry. In a sentence, “Pashnea, you’re a cheater!”—sounds useful?

Enchanta is a fictional language devised and used in Encantadia. Surprisingly, you can hear some children in the street using Enchanta, or even your mother?

2. “The Jewels or Mga Brilyante”

Who wants red?
Here’s one for you.
What is that?
Green or blue?
I thought it’s yellow.
Brilyante ng Apoy: Flame-inspired Ruby.
Brilyante ng Hangin: Tornado-inspired Sapphire.
Brilyante ng Tubig: Ripple-inspired Emerald
Brilyante ng Lupa: Seed-inspired Topaz

The Ikalimang Brilyante is smaller in size looking more like a shard than a gem.

These colors represent the colorful jewels with distinct powers. The re-telling of Encantadia showcases more explosions of each jewel accompanied with amazing special effects.

3. “The Faces of Sang’gres”

It wasn’t easy at first to see new faces for the coveted roles as Sang’gre’s. The original possessors
Iza Calzado as Amihan to Kylie Padilla
Sunshine Dizon as Pirena to Glaiza de Castro
Diana Zubiri as Danaya to Sanya Lopez
Karylle Yuzon as Alena to Gabbi Garcia

The Original sang’gres were so effective that their roles seem to be attached to their names steadfastly. After some time, the new sang’gres eventually won the hearts of the viewers and made their own trademarks.

4. “Viral Videos/Trending Hashtags”

Hailed as the most searched primetime program on the first quarter of the year, Encantadia has had its undeniable share of bringing viral videos and talked-about episodes. From its teaser, intense fight scenes, the death of Amihan, the resurrection of Inang Reyna, and more. Its pilot episode went trending on twitter worldwide. Its Facebook Page has almost 3 million followers, while its rival has less than 500,000 heads.

The Twitterverse intensively makes Encantadia go trending episode to episode.

 5. “Mga Bathala On the Move”

With the fresh set of unfamiliar backdrop of new characters, this season highlighted unknown story lines. Some were allies, and others were foes.

The world of Encantadia has been dug deeper with more god’s interventions. This time, even the gods showed their flaws, magical weaponries, and fight scene Instead of two Bathalas, we learned that there are five of them: Emre, Ether, Arde, Keros, and Haliyah.

6. “Cassiopea with a Pinay French Beauty”

If there’s one of the casts on Encantadia who might have enjoyed exposures, that would be Solenn Heusaff as Cassiopea, or “Mata’. She’s the first Queen of Lireo and a powerful ruler. She sees the show as her training ground both in acting and battle mode. Well, some men watch the show just because of her (Pashnea!).

7. “Oh, My IMAW”

Children will surely miss Imaw. He’s one of the puppets who made it big in fantasy series and was loved by encantadiks. The other puppet is so gross who happens to be with GMA Network… Chaka Doll.

Never underestimate Pinunong Imaw, he once had defeated Hagorn.

About the writer: Eugene Libres loves watching TV shows from different networks. He’s a harsh critic in words, but easy-to-please by heart. At 30, he’s been a press release writer for self-published authors from the US, the UK and other major parts of the globe. He has assisted almost 5,000 authors since 2013.


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