Five Reasons why AlDub’s “Destined To Be Yours” is losing?

This article may anger AlDub diehard fans but this is just an observation why the phenomenal tandem of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is simply losing its luster particularly in their current show.

Though the Kapuso network may have defended the tandem and its series “Destined to be Yours” as something that is only set for a three-month run as mentioned by GMA Network senior vice president for entertainment TV, Ms. Lilibeth Rasonable in a statement she issued after a creative consultant and writer—Suzette Doctolero claimed that the show is a flop.

Yes, the show’s rating (AGB Nielsen TV ratings) of 22.5 percent when it premiered on February 27 was slightly higher from its rival show—”My Dear Heart” which scored 19.6 percent only; but evidently as the show progressed—it failed to maintain its lead and had its finale last night, May 26.

Is the Filipino Audience Maturing?

It is undeniable that Filipinos still have a ‘conservative culture’ and are suckers of ‘romantic stuff’.

Given such scenario—it makes the loveteam concept in the Philippine television and movies work even till this day. And it worked well with Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, dubbed as AlDub.

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But what happened? The series where the two appeared in was cut short and doubts have clouded the air even with that statement issued still didn’t suffice to silence the tandem’s detractors.

What was wrong? Does that mean, Filipinos are getting sick and tired of the mushiness of loveteams and that included AlDub?

Remember JaDine of the Kapamilya network also suffered the same fate when their show—”‘Till I Met You” was able to run for close to five months and had a hard time picking up in its ratings.

Does this indicate that viewers aren’t into such stuff anymore?

The Tandem Lost its Mystique?

There was really such buzz and the tandem created such pandemonium whenever and wherever the two stars are spotted.

But after, Mendoza started having her speaking lines in the noontime show where the tandem was first discovered and introduced via a ‘Kalyeserye’ segment—everything changed.

Yes, the diehard fans have probably remained, but those who just found the tandem ‘cute’ and a ‘novelty’ back then have realized that there is something amiss between the two.

The magic of Mendoza with Richards have waned. Was it a sign that female talent is NOT really for such route? Should she just stayed being the lady without speaking voice and does plain mimicking—she may have maintained a huge and strong following still?

But frankly, Maine Mendoza should take a cue from all these indicators—acting is not her cup of tea. Or maybe, she still needs to work hard to earn the ‘nods’ of many.

Maine needs to really rock!

Because she is known to be the Yaya Dub and earned her popularity even the more when she got paired with Alden.

Philippine showbiz is too harsh to names like her especially when the audience discovered that there is nothing beyond after she was known for. To put it bluntly—her Best Supporting Actress award from the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival for the film—”My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore” couldn’t back her up that she can truly act.

Her attack on her character as Sinag is unsatisfactory.

Did she ever commit herself to the role she portrayed? What were her preparations in order to be effective in her character? Or did she just think of winging it to the best of her abilities as she did as Yaya Dub?

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Acting means investing on emotions, energies and experiences altogether.

‘Ika nga di nadadaan sa pa-cute cute na lang. To rock onscreen—she should push the envelope further.

The Tandem has to Grow.

In Philippine entertainment history, the loveteams that matured were that of ‘Guy and Pip’, ‘Boyet and Vilma’, the ‘Sharon-Gabby’, the ‘Taray at Kulit’, the ‘Juday-Piolo’ or even this generation’s ‘LizQuen’ and ‘KathNiel’.

Enough of the cutesy effect, AlDub.

Any role created for a story won’t work all the time as ‘AlDub’—that is a fact. Both of them have to assume or approach their characters individually. It’s like having a relationship—one has to be ‘complete’ first and foremost in order to complement each other as a love team.

Besides, the audience isn’t dumb. They know when to believe and they know when to refuse. Faking things may just jeopardize the chances of making the tandem work.

Clearly the Series was Not Just for Them.

If there is such a case of mismatch—then “Destined to be Yours” is purely not the material for the AlDub tandem. It was forced and it wasn’t developed, naturally or organically.

No matter how the management would try to defend why the show has to end and run only for three months—it’s a clear indication that the project was not fit for the kind of artists—Richards and Mendoza are.

Maybe, if there a ‘better luck next time’—then the creative team has to define well the genre of the show. AlDub cannot pull-off dramatic scenes. They should be consistent in being in the romantic-comedy series.



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