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Janus del Prado expresses dismay over the behavior of a showbiz newbie

  • Janus del Prado posted a rant about a young disrespectful actor.
  • Del Prado is part of Star Circle Batch 9.

Actor Janus del Prado recently turned to his Instagram account to express his dismay and disappointment over a newbie in the showbiz industry.

Del Prado posted his fiery statement on Facebook for the newbie’s lack of proper decorum.

He wrote: “Hoy N.A. (newbie actor), Subukan mo na titigan ako ng masama na parang kakasa ka pag nakasalubong kita ulit. Kung di ko sipsipin iyang mata mo at toothbrushin kita ng siko ko. Bagito ka pa lang sa industriya. Wag kang mayabang. Respeto naman sa mga nauna sayo.”

Del Prado says the newbie has a lot to prove yet as an actor. And his hat shouldn’t be bigger than his head this early on his budding career.

Del Prado reposted the said rant on his Instagram account and said: “Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Hay!”

For someone who has grown up before the public’s eyes, Del Prado know exactly what he is talking about. He started out as a child actor and show business is also in his genes. He’s been in the industry for most of his life. He has loved his craft and is very passionate about it.

So when Del Prado sees a neophyte who thinks he’s some big star and starts to act like someone important, Del Prado couldn’t help but be irked.

As the youngest son of veteran action star Renato Del Prado, Janus was taught early on the importance of keeping one’s feet firmly planted on the ground and to show respect to the ones who has made names especially in the showbiz industry.

Del Prado was last seen in the hit movie “Can’t Help Falling In Love” topbilled by Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Last Sunday, he graced “ASAP” alongside with other Star Magic artists for the celebration of Star Magic’s silver anniversary.

Now, who do you think Janus is referring to? Who is this newbie actor Your guess is as good as ours.


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