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5 Lessons from Pia Wurtzbach’s Life Story in “MMK”

“Never settle with what you have achieved now when you think you can still do better.”

“You don’t need to be tall to reach for the stars”.

Pia Wurtzbach

Genre: Drama
Director: Nuel C. Naval
Writer: Benjamin Benson Logronio

Liza Soberano as Pia Wurtzbach
Krystal Krooks as Young Pia
Erin Ocampo as Sarah
Lily Yulosa as Young Sarah
Zsa Zsa Padilla as Cherryl
Lee O’Brien as Uwe (Klaus)
Fifth Solomon as Harley
Roider Camanag as Jonas
Hanna Ledesma as Malou
Michelle Vito as Bea Alonzo
Heaven Peralejo as Angeline Aguilar

1. Failure is Part of SUCCESS

Pia’s life is full of failure yet she always chooses to look on the brighter side why negative things happened to her. She contemplates on how she will surpass those challenges without underestimating the things she can do just to fulfill the dreams she has in life. Focus on your success not on the failure that you have because “failure is part of success”. Failure will teach you to remark yourself and build the better future you are creating.

2. Never Stop DREAMING

 “Dream is not about sleeping; it is all about working.”

Pia is an epitome of a hard working woman. She continues to move forward even people condemn her. The saddest story is her fellow Filipinos do not give their full support to her. But, she never stops… she builds the confidence that she needed to bring home the crown.  Indeed, she debunks insecurities of society.

3. Facing Life CHALLENGES

The meaning of life is on the how you will face the challenges you have.

In a cliché’ Filipino point of view, “ang problema ay parang isang aso, kapag tinakbuhan mo lalo kang hahabulin nito”. As part of the contingency and validity of life, you have to face and stand on your own, like Pia did when people and especially, her family lose their trust. Face it and you will grasp the success you want.

4. Value of HARD WORK

“An extraordinary man creates a big difference by his/her hard work.”  

Kudos, Pia!

She proves that life is about hard work. You will value the learning that you have to do better or greater things. The dedication that solidifies the strong personality that you have. Based on the life that she has, success is a decision likewise, hard work.

5. PERSEVERANCE is a great performance in life

“It always seems so impossible, but if you have the perseverance it is easy to reach your target.”

Pia uses her perseverance as her ladder to claim the triumph.

She focuses on her goals;

She is eager to embrace the challenges and failure in life;

She knows her strength;

Moreover, her persistence of victory by not giving up on the obstacle of life. Believe in yourself and dream big, it is free!

Thus, Pia’s life is an inspiration to Filipinos that hard work pays off and dreams do come true.

As what she said, “Everything happens for a reason. All the hardships, all the rejections, everything. It all makes sense now because you found your destiny. Don’t ever change.”


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