6 Reasons Why “Gandang Gabi Vice” is the Unkabogable Comedy Talk Show

Happy 6th anniversary to “the Trending Capital of the Philippines”, Gandang Gabi, Vice!

Gandang Gabi, Vice! is a Filipino comedy talk show on ABS-CBN network hosted by unkabogable Vice Ganda. Originally, the show was intended for only thirteen episodes, but due to the public insistent demand and positive feedback, the show is still on fire and still counting.

1. Sending Good Vibes

We are bound in different challenges in life, and as we look forward to an inspiration, GGV leads as to a positive life. Your problems will be debunked and probably will fade away. The show sets your mood to start your week with a positive week to surpass and to live on.

2. Interviews and Comedic Interactive

This type of segment solidifies the strong interaction to the artists. As the exchange of ideas and topics, you will die by the jokes bestowed or given by Vice Ganda.  In connections, you will see at some point that your idols are humans too when they are in the midst of the interview.

3. Featured Celebrity Guests

As some point, artists are now aiming to be a guest in GGV they say, “Part of being an artist is to be a guest in GGV.” The show envisages and features the hidden and extreme talents of the artists that people do not know about them. Likewise, the life story they have. This will serve as an inspiration for the viewers.

4. Award Winning Show and TV Host

According to the viceganda.ph, here are some of the awards given to Vice and to his show;


Samar State University Awards

Best Talk Show Host– GGV

Best Show– GGV


27th PMPC Star Awards for Television

Best Celebrity Showbiz Talk Show Host – GGV

Yahoo OMG! Awards 2013

Comedian of the Year    Gandang Gabi Vice, Showtime

The EdukCircle MOPIP TV Awards

Most Outstanding Personality in Philippine TV in the Field of Comedy   Showtime / Gandang Gabi Vice


26th PMPC Star Awards for Television

Best Celebrity Showbiz Oriented Talk Show-GGV

Best Celebrity Showbiz Talk Show Male Host– GGV

Yahoo! OMG! Awards

Comedian of the Year– Gandang Gabi, Vice! / It’s Showtime

Globe [email protected] Awards

Trending TV-GGV

8th USTv Students Choice Awards

Best Talk Variety Program– GGV

Those are some of the plenty of awards received by the show. Thus, it reflects the good influence of the show and it serves as the epitome of the quality show for Filipino people.

5. Valuable Messages

We are bound in the perspective of chaotic society. The undying understanding and inspirations are highly appreciated. Indeed, GGV sends a culture to be loved, equality to be valued, maturity to be lived on, positivity in life, and extending hands to other people. GGV denotes the importance of laughing in the life of every Filipinos.

6. Enormous Positive Feedback

The renewal of the show is because of the fans and the undying supports of the viewers. Every Sunday, the show consistent trending on the networking sites like Twitter. The art of smile has been practiced by the show. There are some criticisms about the show, yet as the saying goes by; “you cannot please all” the show continues to send and set the Filipinos to a positive week to start.



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