Say goodbye to Charice, hello Jake Zyrus?

  • Charice and her partner Alyssa Quijano had called it quits since April of this year. After the separation, Charice hadn’t been as active on her social media accounts. Her Twitter account following of 925,400 and her Instagram account with 127,000 followers hasn’t heard anything from her since the said break up.
  • But last Thursday, Charice surprised her fans and followers with an Instagram live. At first, you’d think twice if it’s really Charice because she decided to change her IG and Twitter handle name, from @supercharice, it’s now officially @jakezyrusmusic [Jake Zyrus].

It’s been two months since the break up, Charice seems like she has finally moved on from her separation with Alyssa. It was a ‘mutual decision’ after all.

Charice had changed her Twitter and Instagram handle from @Supercharice to @JakeZyrusMusic.  On her IG live, Charice looks every inch a dapper. With her cap inverted, she looks simple yet charming in a shirt. She was with her pet dog, Eggsy.

Questions naturally ‘flooded’ her IG live. Netizens had been wondering what has happened to her and why it took her so long to be active again on social media.

Everyone asked, ‘Where is Charice?’ Is she ‘dead’ just as Rustom Padilla did to give way to ‘BB Gandanghari’?

Luckily, Charice a.k.a. Jake Zyrus was in the mood to answer all the queries and grant some songs from the many requests of her followers.

Charice looks different now, she’s now at ease with fans and even makulit at some point. As one follower said, ‘the other side of Charice’ to which she clarifies, ‘this is the real Charice’ [not many people know about].

She said that the ones being seen on TV is ‘the other side of her’ and not the other way around. Charice even advised her fans not to believe everything they see on TV because usually those are just based projections alone.

A netizen also made a comment that maybe Charice is tipsy or drunk, the reason why all of a sudden, she became active again on IG. “I’m not drunk! I’m not drunk!,” said Charice while laughing.

“Dahil sa mga isyu-isyu na ‘yan, kung anu-ano na lang naiisip ng ibang tao. Hindi ako adik! Nagpa-tatoo lang, adik na? Hindi ako adik!,” explains Charice.

A fan also asked her about her ex, Alyssa. To which the singer answered: “I don’t know. We don’t talk anymore!”

Charice’s fans also requested for her to post more photos.

The international singing sensation had previously erased the photos she used to have on Instagram. That’s pretty much understandable as most of her photos had her ex, Alyssa on them.

Once a relationship ended, we want to bury the memories. The same thing happened when Erich Gonzalez and Daniel Matsunaga broke up. They also erased all the photos of them together on their respective social media accounts.

“I will try to post photos again…” was the only thing Charice said.

Hopefully, Charice will do her promise to her fans. Everybody’s waiting for her to become active again, both in her career and on her social media accounts as well.

With her brief IG live last week, we hope she’d become as active again as she used to so that her fans won’t be missing her that much.



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