RAIN turns down role in “X-Men” movie installment for a Korean movie

  • Korean superstar RAIN reportedly rejected a role offer for an ‘X-Men’ Movie Installment
  • He said that he’s having a conflict in schedule

RAIN has a lot on his plate as of the moment with his rising singing career and wife Kim Tae Hee pregnant.

He has plans of going back to the Hollywood scene but conflicts arise that’s why he needed to turn down a role for a long-standing blockbuster film franchise.

Busy schedule

According to one of his co-star in upcoming Korean bio Uhm Bok Dong, veteran Korean actor Lee Beom Soo, RAIN was supposed to be in the cast of  another ‘X-Men’ movie installment but his hectic schedules got in the way.

“Rain was actually cast in X-Men movie. They asked him to start filming in July but the filming of Uhm Bok Dong was supposed to last until the end of August, so he [stayed] with our movie. I was really thankful for his commitment,” he revealed.

Leo also shared how he admires RAIN’s work ethic. He said that he learned a lot more about him during their production.

“I got to discover some new sides of Rain through this production,” he said. “He’s very genuine and passionate when it comes to acting. I used to think he was just a celebrity, but I’ve been noticing that he has the aura of an actor.”

According to news, 20th Century Fox’s Marvel movieverse will be releasing three “X-Men” movies including “New Mutants”, “Deadpool 2” and “Dark Phoenix”.


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