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Ritz Azul, tagged as the reason for the delay of “The Promise of Forever”

Not so blind item

A young actress is currently on the red light because of weight gain which caused screen problems and ultimately halted the taping of her upcoming debut show.

One anonymous source said that the actress has gotten bigger, a dilemma which cannot be overhauled by camera tricks or anything else.

The source also said that this makes her look much more like a “tita” of the leading men rather than their girlfriend in the story.

Getting back on shape needs to be the top priority of the budding actress, according to the source. The actress cannot also be transferred to another TV show because she is the lead role in her currently suspended TV series.

According to another anonymous source, this young actress was recently inducted to a new TV network which in her opinion, is the number one for her.

As to why she considers this as her top choice, she said that it feels like ‘heaven’ because she can be viewed both locally and internationally here in her new stage.


One netizen theorizes the mystery actress is Ritz Azul because of her recent transfer from TV5 to ABS-CBN.

22-year-old Azul also claims that she is “extremely happy” to be part of the Kapamilya network; and that when the opportunity to join ABS-CBN came knocking, she cannot refuse to say no to it.

The hints kept piling up as the unknown sources mention that this mystery actress’ career back on her previous network was on fire and that they hope for the actress to be the lead star on her future role because apparently she was always the co-star before.

Ritz Azul acted as co-host for TV5’s PBA and other game shows. She was also part of the main cast on numerous TV5 shows such as ‘Kidlat’ and ‘For Love or Money.’


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