10 Reasons Why KathNiel Deserves The Top Spot in 2017 YES! Magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful’ List

  • One of the today’s hottest love team Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla (KathNiel) got hailed by YES! as the ‘Most Beautiful Stars’ this year

2017 YES! magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful Stars cover features the popular “KathNiel” tandem posing fiercely after being awarded the title on Tuesday, July 11 at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City.

Along with the two are other artists from both networks GMA and ABSCBN including JC Santos, Sunshine Dizon, Gabbi Garcia, Glaiza de Castro, Sanya Lopez, Rocco Nacino, Gil Cueva, Kris Bernal, Benjamin Alves, Gabby Eigenmann, Miguel Tanfelix, Bianca Umali, Andrea Torres, Mikee Quintos, Kate Valdez, Baeby Baste, Andre Paras, Barbie Forteza, Jak Roberto, and the Medina brothers.

The KathNiel fans are rejoicing their idols’ victory all over social media. According to them, the love team shows a “broader definition” of what beauty really is.

Below are ten reasons why we think they brought home the title:

1.  Today’s generation look up to them

We can’t argue that this tandem’s fan base is really strong and loyal. This just goes to show that Kathryn and Daniel create an impact on them through their TV shows and movies.

They influence a large number of audience and YES! took the chance to reach out to that big of a crowd.

2. Undeniable chemistry

Whether on or off screen, KathNiel never fails to give “kilig” to their fans due to the sweetness they show in photos and behind-the-scenes.

Their love team was not forced. In fact, it was built by accident.

This chemistry gained them various titles such as “Teen King & Queen”, “Box Office Love Team”, and among others.

3. They’re as real as they can get

Kathryn and Daniel have been rumored in a relationship for a while now but they continue to preserve their private lives that’s the reason why they don’t put a label on it.

Despite that, the two remain true to themselves and their fans as they show what they really are to each other all the time.

It is very clear that they are very comfortable in each other’s company because they are always caught being sweet backstage or during taping.

4. They look good together

We have a term for it, “bagay sila.”

This is maybe one of the main reasons why their love team earn supporters through the years. ABS-CBN really did a good job in pairing them together because they instantly clicked.

If you put them beside the other, there’s no doubt that’s a beautiful sight to see.

5. Good vibes generator

People can’t help but smile when they see KathNiel together. Be it in a commercial, a billboard, a movie, a teleserye, or on a magazine cover.

They effortlessly bring happiness to our eyes.

Knowing that the cute duo is inside the pages of YES!, surely everyone is excited to get their hands on this issue.

6. They have improved a lot

The two went through a lot already in the showbiz industry. The have proven themselves worthy of what they are given to this date.

9 years and counting, KathNiel still improves year by year. They are currently headlining the hit fantasy series “La Luna Sangre” under the Kapamilya network.

Their roles become more mature each new project, making sure their name shines constantly in the limelight.

7. They can make everyone smile – all ages

KathNiel is known for their appreciation of fans. They are very aware that these people play a hug role in shaping their career path.

Every once in a while, the love team gets together with their fans. This is where they receive respect from people, even those who are not fans.

Character adds up to the beauty of a person or a group. KathNiel’s humbleness bring them success.

8. KathNiel is #relationshipgoals

Often tagged as #couplepeg and #relationshipgoals, KathNiel’s developed friendship and closeness contributes to their edge as a love team.

Unlike other tandems, these two don’t have to pretend to be sweet to each other because they already established care and respect in their relationship.

Because of these, people follow their tracks and want to be updated on their real score.

9. They’re at the peak of their stardom

What better time aside from now to make KathNiel cover for a showbiz magazine?

With the ongoing success of “La Luna Sangre,” there’s no doubt that people from around the world are talking about this hot love team. How they’ve grown, or improved, and the like.

10. KathNiel is all-in-one

We have to agree to their fans that say they give beauty a “broader definition.”

KathNiel surpass the good-looking criteria with their wonderful heart and humble nature. That’s got be all it takes for a star to shine and be beautiful in this day and age.



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