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Jake Zyrus wants comparison with Charice Pempengco to stop

  • Transman Jake Zyrus expressed how he wants to put an end to people comparing him from her former identity.
  • He said that people who miss Charice can always watch her on YouTube.

Many are reacted negatively when international singing sensation, Charice announced he is now Jake Zyrus.

Netizens were quick to air their frustrations and opinion online. Some said they miss the very effiminate, high-pitched Charice. It is very clear that there is no turning back for Jake.

Although Jake received bashes and negative comments, he remained grounded and chose to understand his former fans and those who were shocked by his revelations.

According to Jake, he really underwent a lot of physical changes including his voice.

“Iba na yung range, iba na lahat.”

“Hindi na nila ako puwedeng i-make fun or insultuhin to post videos right there with my new range, tapos sasabihin nila hindi ko abot,” Jake explained.

“Hindi ko talaga yun maaabot kasi pambabae na yung mga range na yun, at di ko na kaya talaga yun.”

Jake is unfazed by the hate as he stressed that he is doing all these for himself.   Indeed, truth had set Jake free, a great deal he considers a milestone.

“Nakalaya ako, milestone talaga!”

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