Kakai Bautista admits being ‘dumb’ in love; happy to move on after Ahron Villena

  • Comedienne Kakai Bautista recently confessed that she considers herself as ‘dumb’ or in her own terminology, ‘syonga’ each time she falls in love.
  • Kakai said she doesn’t have a love life to speak of after being romantically linked to actor Ahron Villena and Thai superstar and heartthrob, Mario Maurer.
  • Kakai also said that she and Ahron have both apologized to each other after what had happened.  The two never really confirmed whatever it was that transpired between them.

Comedienne Kakai Bautista recently faced the press and answered queries about her love life. It will be recalled that last year that she and actor Ahron Villena were reportedly seeing each other.

They soon parted ways without confirming nor denying if it was truly a breakup.

From the way Kakai chooses her words, it seemed that whatever it was that she had with Ahron, she must’ve been really hurt. Kakai even admitted that there was a time her heart ruled her mind when it comes to matter like love.

She believes one won’t be able to achieve true love if one won’t experience being ‘dumb’ or in her own words, ‘syonga’ in love. It doesn’t really take a genius to know whom she’s referring to when she said she had been dumb with her past loves.

Kakai also shared that whatever gap she’s had with Ahron in the past, they’ve both forgiven each other. Although they are not on speaking terms for a while, she considers him as simply a part of her past.

“Wala siyang pinakilala. Kahit naman hindi niya ipakilala [laughs]. Sinagot ko na ‘yan dati kasi alam ko naman ‘yun, accepted ko kung ano man siya, bakla ba siya o ano. Tanggap ko naman,” she said.

Kakai also shares that she and Ahron are better now. They even had dinner. What’s more important for her is their working relationship–that they can still work together in a given project.

The comedienne understands that showbiz is such a small world that at any given time, she and Ahron might be able to work again with each other soon.

The 38-year-old Kakai also said that she’s now happy to move on from being  associated with Ahron. She says both of them are happy with their respective lives. She has totally moved on. Two years of grieving is enough for her to get her life back together sans Ahron in her life.

As Kakai says, “Tapos na ‘yun, It’s been two years na. Okay na kami. Wapakels [she doesn’t care anymore] na ako sa kanya. Masaya na ako sa buhay ko.”


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