Kathyrn Bernardo reinvents herself as the new Primetime Action Queen

  • Kathyrn Bernardo is taking on a new role, that of Kapamilya’s Primetime Action Queen.
  • When Kathryn took the part of Malia in ABS-CBN’s fantasy-drama series “La Luna Sangre,” she knew she’d be able to reinvent herself.
  • The Kapamilya star officially says goodbye to tweetums youth-oriented roles and instead welcome fierce and challenging ones such as the role of Malia.
  • Kathryn had physically and mentally prepared for her role in “La Luna Sangre.”
  • She also had to undergo some martial arts training. Now, viewers don’t only get to watch Kathryn on impressive acting but also on a lot of action and fight scenes.

The fight scenes from “La Luna Sangre” are definitely world-class because they’re choreographed by an international stunt team headed by Singaporean director Wang Yan Bin and Lester Pimentel.

Kathryn Bernardo might not have realized it, but she has reinvented herself even without trying to.

From her teeny- bopper roles, she’s able to transition herself into the path she had to thread–towards fulfilling her goal as one of the most respected actress of her generation.

In “La Luna Sangre,” Kathyrn brings this unique intensity as Malia. She shows she has the potential to be a leading lady in the action genre. Kathryn may come off as a girl next door but she had shown she can be fierce and can play a mean kick ass character.

She maybe a newbie in doing action scenes, but Kathryn can be effective in doing her own stunts, not just making us cry on her drama scenes. She’s pretty impressive for a first timer.

Kathryn took pekiti tirsia kali and wushu for combat training. She considers her role in “La Luna Sangre” as her most challenging role to date because she really had to undergo intense training to be able to give justice to the role of Malia.

She was happy that her sacrifices and efforts had paid off. For “La Luna Sangre” was able to maintain high ratings from its pilot episode until now.  It also had gotten a lot of feedback from netizens online.

Will this be the start of a more mature and kick ass Kathryn roles? Well, the fans liked what they’re seeing now. At least, Kathryn is showing a lot of versatility as an actress.

With or without Daniel as her love interest, she can show a different side of her that not so many people know—she can be one tough girl too despite the frail soft aura she portrays. Indeed, she’s deserving to be called the Primetime Action Queen now.

Thanks to fantasy drama “La Luna Sangre.”



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