Maine Mendoza shares the greatest lesson she has learned from showbiz

  • It’s been two great years since the phenomenal love team of Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza, collectively known as “AldDub” was first discovered via Eat Bulaga’s ‘Juan For All, All For Juan’ segment.
  • AlDub love team recently celebrated their 2nd anniversary and Maine said she’s happy that fans are still supportive of them even up to this day.
  • She also acknowledges that if it hadn’t been for her love team with Alden, she won’t be where she is now.
  • Maine says that in a span of two years, she was able to learn a lot of life lessons in showbiz. The greatest of which, she shares in this article.

Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards are celebrating their 2nd year anniversary as love team which also coincides Maine’s 2nd year in the showbiz industry.

The Dubsmash Queen is aware that she got into showbiz accidentally. Her appearance in the daily Kalyeserye segment of the noontime show “Eat Bulaga” propelled her to phenomenal fame.

She is thankful to fans for all the love and support they’ve been given. And she assures that the AlDub love team is still stronger than ever. Maine also became popular as an effective endorser for brands and she also had their love team to thank for.

She says she never really realized how popular she’d be when she was just starting in showbiz.

Nowadays, Maine is practically everywhere. You see her on TV, on ads and billboards, on social media—she even made it to FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women, a prestigious list of well-known personalities. She also made it to Yes! 100 Most Beautiful Celebrities.

Maine’s endorsement ranges from beauty products, clothing, foods, gadgets and even vehicles. She says she’s happy that both brands and the people trust her. She comes next to Kris Aquino and Anne Curtis in terms of having the most number of endorsements.

Maine has indeed gone a long way since she has started showbiz. She says she was able to learn a lot. She’s able to gain her confidence because of showbiz. But for her, the greatest lesson she has learned was, “Hindi lahat ng taong kaharap mo, totoo sa’yo.”

Maine has gone through a lot too. She has received a lot of flak from people, particularly netizens. In fact, she chose to deactivate her Twitter account because she felt it was giving her too much negative vibes with all the bashing she has received. But all these, didn’t stop her from pursuing what she’s passionate about.

She has also put up a business as she is now a proud franchise holder of the fast food chain she’s endorsing. Maine still has one dream which she hopes to fulfill one day. She also shared that she would be interested to become a filmmaker in the future.

In the meantime, she’s bent on improving her craft but she looks forward to be given the chance to direct a film or a TV special someday.



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