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“NAGING TAYO BA?” Ahron Villena reacts to Kakai Bautista’s statements

  • Ahron Villena recently posted his reaction to comedienne Kakai Bautista’s comments about him.
  • Ahron claims he’s never been in a relationship with Kakai contrary to what the comedienne tried to insinuate that they’ve been in a ‘relationship’ last year.
  • It seemed like it was only Kakai who ‘assumed’ that there was something special between them.
  • Ahron also questioned Kakai’s comments in her previous interviews and explained that the very reason why he kept quiet was because he knows how to respect women, but says he speaks up only if he needs to defend himself like he does now.

It’s almost been a year since the issue about Ahron Villena and Kakai Bautista happened. It’s painful when a girl gets rejected by a guy, much more if the guy has denied whatever it maybe which has transpired between them.

Kakai allegedly had an ‘almost relationship’ with Ahron last year when they’ve become really close. And just like any typical girl, when a man shows attention on you, you’ll feel instantly special. Perhaps, Kakai felt special too that in her eyes, what she had with Ahron was something else.

As it turned out, Ahron apparently ‘friendzoned’ Kakai. And the comedienne was accused of being an ‘assuming’ girl.

Recently, Kakai had an interview with the press where she was asked about the status of her love life. The comedienne was also asked about her past with Ahron where she said she had accepted the actor for who he was. Kakai also claimed that they’re now very much okay leading separate lives.

Ahron turned to his Facebook account to clear the issue once and for all.

He wrote: “Tanggap mo kung ano ako? Saan galing yun?.” He even questioned how the comedienne was able to come up with such answer. “Bakit ano bang alam mo sa pagkatao ko? Naging tayo ba? Ako ang alam ko NEVER naging tayo,”

Ahron also explained why he kept mum all this time. He said he never wanted it blow up into proportion and he has respect for women. He said that he’s got the right to speak up and clear his name. But now, he felt the need to defend himself especially when his own reputation is at stake.

Whatever really transpired between them is none of our business. But only the two of them really know the truth. It could only be a miscommunication.

Nevertheless, what most fans regret here was the supposedly beautiful friendship that occurred between Kakai and Ahron–because of this issue, the friendship was gone and making them back to being strangers again.


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