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BY THE NUMBERS: KathNiel Ready To Take The Primetime Throne

  • From Teen King and Queen to Primetime King and Queen!

That is the road Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla seemed traveling.

With the back to back to back success of their primetime teleseryes, KathNiel is nowhere to go but up. Following successive victories of their primetime bida programs, the two are really ripe to take on the lead and reign Philippine television’s most coveted spot; the Primetime.

The beginning

Before the rise of KathNiel, Kathryn was paired with different actors. She was teamed up with Albie Casino in “Mara Clara” and was groomed to be with Enrique Gil in a love team. It was “Princess and I” that became the testing ground for their loveteam. But fate has something different in store for them.

Kathryn with Daniel in Princess and I

The teleserye became Kathryn and Daniel’s vehicle to a formidable KathNiel love team. Although the series started slow (11.6% vs “Biretera’s” 12.0% ) it has steadily grew and found its place in the primetime slot. With the right timing and the right chemistry between Kathryn and Daniel, the teleserye exceeded expectations.

On its finale episode, “Princess and I” dominated and drowned “Indio” in the ratings board. AGB Nielsen Mega Manila Household reported a 26.0% vs 23.4% ratings between the two program. And Kantar showed a more significant lead 38.1% vs 19.2%.

With the success of their first teleserye together, a follow up was not a surprise.

Solidified tandem

Following the success of “Princess and I”, ABS-CBN fielded the two in their first-ever teleserye as KathNiel; “Got To Believe”.

The series solidified their love team as it took primetime by storm.  Kantar Media on their pilot episode reported a strong comeback, trashing competitor “Magunaw Man Ang Mundo” 34.0% to 16.1%. Although AGB reported a win for GMA Network 26.2% vs 26.3%, “Got To Believe” emerged on top in the succeeding weeks.

On its finale on March 7, 2014, “Got To Believe” recorded the highest rating for any show in the Philippines since January 1, 2014. “Got to Believe” massacred Marian Rivera and Alden Richard’s “Carmela” 32.7% vs 19.2% based on AGB Nielsen Mega Manila Household and a more compelling win on Kantar Media 38.6% vs 13.6%.

The Finale week also showed how KathNiel glued the televiewers to their program.

The Pinnacle

Some may think that what they’ve achieved in “Got To Believe” was their ultimate.

But when the remake of the television classic “Pangako Sa’yo” came, it became another challenge to a now tested and marketable loveteam. And knowing how hugely successful the original “Pangako Sa’yo” was, not only in the country but around the world, the pressure to KathNiel was very tough.

But they are not KathNiel for nothing, they even surpassed the success of “Got To Believe” and made “Pangako Sa’yo” the pinnacle of their career to date.

Its pilot episode recorded the highest pilot rating in 2015. “Pangako Sa’yo’s” first episode dominated competitor “Let The Love Begin” 22.8% vs 19.2% in AGB Nielsen and 34.0% vs 14.0% in Kantar.

The pilot week also showed “Pangako Sa’yo” dominating the timeslot.

Since it started, “Pangako Sa’yo” became the nation’s household habit. Its primetime slot was never assailed as they steadily led it all throughout. KathNiel proved they are worthy to be cast in the re-telling of Angelo and Yna’s story.

“Pangako Sa’yo” conveniently beat “That’s My Amboy” 27.5% vs 18.3% in AGB Nielsen and 44.5% vs 16.1% in Kantar.

It was the same scenario on their finale week as they soared against their rival.

The Throne

After achieving so much in “Pangako Sa’yo”, there’s no doubt that primetime is really their forte, their home, their realm.

Currently, the two are in a for new challenge; to continue the legacy of another ABS-CBN hit classic teleserye franchise. As the third installment to “Lobo” and “Imortal”, “La Luna Sangre”, will be KathNiels most mature teleserye to date. And by doing so, it will be no surprise if they will be crowned the next Primetime King and Queen.

And they are proving it with how “La Luna Sangre” is faring in the ratings.  The pilot week saw how “La Luna Sangre” bites off competition.

“La Luna Sangre” dominated “My Love From The Star” from the start up to the latest ratings report.

“La Luna Sangre” is even beating another Kapamilya program, “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” in the battle for primetime’s number one program. Proof of how KathNiel commands viewership up until now.

And with all that they have achieved so far, I think it is only a matter of time before Kathryn and Daniel will be crowned as the Primetime King and Queen.

Their evolution from their sweet teenybopper roles to the maturity that they are currently showing in “La Luna Sangre” proves they are serious about their crafts and they are destined to be one of this generation’s biggest stars.

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