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Roxanne Barcelo admits getting harsh criticism from a starlet

  • There are people who would always criticize and would always want a piece of you.
  • Roxanne Barcelo seemed to have gotten used to criticisms ever since she started in showbiz.
  • She would often be the ‘odd girl out’ as a newbie in showbiz some years back.
  • But those experiences didn’t made Roxanne quit showbiz although she admitted there were really those moments when she felt like giving up.
  • Roxanne recently experienced yet another criticism from  fellow celebrity who might well be considered as a ‘starlet.’

No matter what you do, there are people will always have something negative to say. But you’ve got to learn how to accept constructive criticisms or better yet, ignore them for these people are meant to pull you down.

They will only have an effect you if you allow them to affect you. Sexy actress Roxanne Barcelo had learned this hard lesson from showbiz back when she was just a newbie.

Roxanne for some reason didn’t get along well with her co-stars before. She would try her best to be kind and nice to everyone but for some reason, they would always pick on her or would envy her and put her down. She admitted she almost gave up on her career because of this reason.

It was good thing that she was able to reinvent herself and all through these years, she’s able to gain enough confidence to face everyone with bravura.

In her recent interview with the media, Roxanne admitted that she got a harsh criticism from a fellow celebrity who could be considered a ‘starlet’ as she’s just a showbiz newbie who has yet to prove herself in the industry. It would’ve been understandable if she’s a veteran actress but Roxanne’s critic is a newbie in showbiz.

This starlet told Roxanne in her face, “Alam mo, hindi ka magaling na artista.”

Roxanne didn’t know how she should react. She’s never done anything bad against that newbie starlet. And she wonders why she’s been so mean to her.

It was a good thing that Roxanne holds her Christian values to heart. Instead of getting back at her, Roxanne simply smiled and kept quiet about it. But that starlet will surely had nowhere to go but down seeing that this early in showbiz, she doesn’t know how to give respect towards those who had come before her.

Looks can really be deceiving as this starlet has a gentle-looking face, the kind you’d thought could pass for an angel. But as fate would have it, she may have a gentle-looking face but that’s the only gentle about her. Let’s see if her kind of attitude will take her to places. As for Roxanne, at least, she’s busy doing “Wildflower” and she’s in-demand as events host.


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