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TNT Champ Noven Belleza loses gigs abroad due to sexual assault charges

  • Tawag ng Tanghalan (TNT) grand champ Noven Belleza is losing work opportunities after being accused of sexual assault last week.
  • Belleza was supposed to be part of a series of shows abroad but the producers had to cut him off the artists’ line-up.

‘Tawag ng Tangahalan’ (TNT) grand champ Noven Belleza’s reputation was tainted after being accused of sexual assault.

On her Pilipino Star Ngayon column, Cristy Fermin wrote that her reliable source said the incident resulted to show producers cutting him off the line-up of performers for a series of shows abroad.

Fermin also said Belleza must have had a lot of regrets by now for going out that night after the concert. If only he had stayed in his condominium unit and slept instead, he would not have been involved in this mess he had entangled himself into.

This incident has taught Belleza a great lesson–he should not be too trusting, especially to those whom he just met.

Now, Belleza’s singing career might just have to take a backseat. He had no other choice but to miss out on a lot opportunities because he had to go home in Cebu. He needs to focus on the case filed against him and to prove his innocence.

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