Vhong Navarro responds to Tony Calvento’s post about the new case filed by Deniece Cornejo

  • Journalist Tony Calvento shared in his Facebook account the public statement of Kapamilya host/actor Vhong Navarro regarding Deniece Cornejo’s third rape case complaint
  • He urged people to encourage Vhong by sending him support in the comments

Prior to the affidavit of complaint filed by model Deniece Cornejo this week, “It’s Showtime” host Vhong Navarro breaks his silence regarding the third case for alleged rape.

Filipino Journalist Tony Calvento was first to publicize the full complaint through his Facebook account.

Inside, you can find the detailed narration of what happened in January 2014 according to Deniece’s memory. She accused Vhong of raping her in her condominium which later on caused her “bacterial vaginosis” or “vaginal infection.”

Tony followed up his post saying that due to this evidence, the TV host will be arrested this week by officials.

However, Vhong’s camp firmly believes that this attempt in court will soon be dismissed just like the previous ones.

His legal counsel, Alma Mallonga reacted towards the affidavit saying, “We have, in fact, been urging the DOJ to dismiss the third complaint, for the same reasons that the first two complaints for rape filed by Deniece had already been DISMISSED by the DOJ itself and by the City Prosecutor of Taguig (Taguig OCP): the claim for rape was found to be unbelievable, illogical, ‘astonishing and incredible as it is contrary to human frailty.’”

Yesterday, Tony once again released a statement but this time it contains that of Vhong’s. He wrote a public letter defending himself from the accusations he’s facing again.

Vhong calls out his fans and supporters to help him go through this difficult time in his life.

The sympathy of the majority goes to Vhong and they sent him hopeful messages in the comments section. They believe that justice will prevail in this case and that both parties will soon move on.

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