Yul Servo, thankful for his long-time friendship with Piolo Pascual

  • Even if Yul Servo and Piolo Pascual’s friendship was mired with malice and controversy by some people a few years back, Yul is grateful that their friendship wasn’t affected by the intrigues and gossips that went their way.
  • Yul says his enduring friendship with Piolo as one of the things he’ll always be grateful for in showbiz.
  • Yul considers himself lucky that despite of Piolo’s fame and success in the industry, he remains to be the way he had always known him to be. He’s still as grounded as he was years back.

It’s been a long time since Piolo Pascual and Rep. Yul Servo had been friends. They used to be very close to the point that naysayers tried to ruin their friendship by their speculations and putting malice on their friendship.

Their kind of friendship is the kind that went through a lot of controversies in the past. But their friendship remains steadfast.

Piolo is now one of the most sought-after leading men in local showbiz. Yul may have gone to a different path—he’s now a public servant as a congressman. But Yul is grateful that he’s able to maintain his friendship with Piolo despite both of them being busy.

Yul says they still text each other. And they make sure to be with one another each time the other person needs them. During Piolo’s birthday, Yul shares that he was able to do charity for his unfortunate brothers and sisters. He also says that he’s really proud of Piolo, not only as a friend, but also as a person.

Piolo may be famous now but he makes time for the people he values the most. According to Yul, Piolo isn’t only a celebrity. He’s also an entrepreneur and he was able to set up a foundation for the needy but deserving students. As his friend, Yul says he does his share to help Piolo as a way of paying it forward for all the good things and generosity that the actor has shown him.

Yul says he thinks that people nowadays are more matured. He doesn’t think they’d be subjected yet again to intrigues the way their friendship has been given malice a couple of years back.

For Yul, the controversy died a natural death simply because there’s no truth to it. And he says whatever it takes, his friendship with Piolo will remain strong because they know and trust each other well.



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