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Actress says she made the right choice of not transferring to this TV network

  • An actress was said to be thankful after deciding not to push through a possible TV network transfer
  • According to her, she saw what happened to the artists who switched before her so she changed her mind

A local actress shared that she made the right choice of staying to her home network after what happened to the careers of the artists who transferred before her.

She admitted that she was tempted to accept the big offer from the other network.  Although, in the end her loyalty to her mother channel made her decision.

It was obvious that these celebrities who switched networks gained more projects but she believes that it won’t take long after they slowly fade from the spotlight.

She said that she’s not blinded by the warm welcome and countless TV guesting given to these artists because she knows better.

The identity of the TV actress was not mentioned by our source.

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