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ASec. Mocha Uson to Sen. Bam Aquino: “Grabe maka-epal”, Netizens React

  • In a recent tweet,  Mocha Uson reacted against Sen. Bam Aquino. The senator thanked the president for signing the Free College Tuition Fee bill that Bam authored.
  • Netizens were quick to react to Mocha’s “unnecessary” remark.

Change has really come, don’t you think?

The administration is taking steps to better the lives of the Filipino people. With the passing of the bill granting free tuition fees in al public universities and colleges, we expect more and more Pinoys will be able to finish their studies.

The author, Senator Bam Aquino thanked the president for signing the bill he co-authored and approved it into a law.

Social media personality and avid supporter of the current administration, Mocha Uson had some not-so-nice things to say about this gesture. In a tweet, Mocha bravely reacted “grabe maka epal”.

“Grabeh maka epal itong si Bam.Matagal na yan pinupush. Kahit pinsan nya d yan ginawang priority kaya d maipasa yan.Kay PRRD lang yan pumasa.”

Netizens were quick to react to Mocha’s tweet ; clarifying that it was only normal for the legislator to express his gratitude.

Netizens also pointed out that the passage of a law was a long, tedious process that could take months and even years.

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