• Former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Wil Dasovich shared in his recent vlog post that he’s currently suffering from a mysterious illness and had been in and out of thr hospital
  • Wil explained his illness spread in his body due to a “parasite” that accidentally entered his system

Last Saturday, 25-year-old former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Wil Dasovich revealed that he’s suffering from a mysterious illness through a vlog post on his YouTube channel.

According to Wil, he has been experiencing internal bleeding because of a “parasite” that got inside his system after ingesting food or water it contaminated.

“Around February-March, I’ve been fasting blood every single day. The first few months, it didn’t hurt or anything so I went to a doctor and the doctor was just like oh it should go away over time.”

However, it didn’t. Months passed and the pain worsen, said Wil. He decided that it’s time to take a second opinion on his case.

“First thing they found was a half a parasite in me which I just got from eating contaminated food or water so I just drank that water or something, and there’s a parasite in it which has been eating away. They assumed large intestine may be colon area.”

The vlogger is currently at his family’s home in San Francisco, California. He explained that he will be staying there for a while due to his condition.

Wil sent a message to his fans back in the Philippines who are getting worried about his condition, “For the mean time i will be resting and trying to get better.”

He also added that he will make the most of his stay in California to catch up with old friends and relatives.

Wil’s last TV appearance was in GMA’s “Dangwa” back in 2015 as an extended cast.





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