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JaDine’s new endorsement gets mix reactions

The hottest party with the hottest squad, the teaser of Emperador brandy commercial was just released yesterday with James Reid and Nadine Lustre (JaDine) as their ambassadors together with James’ sister Lauren Reid and best friend Brett Jackson.

The 24-year-old couple gained both positive and negative reactions from the netizens because of the 32-second video teaser.

The live-in issue concerning the two has not been forgotten yet but Jadine are facing another issue. Some netizens asked if this was the reason why Nadine deactivated her twitter account?

Though we haven’t seen the commercial airing yet, a lot of people believe that it fits Jadine since they refer to them as ‘walwal’ couple.

Some bashers also sarcastically commented that the hottest loveteam might endorse condoms and contraceptives next.

Some said ‘huwaran sa kabataan talaga’.

But these comments from haters were immediately responded by their supporters and expressed their excitement and gratitude for the new blessing of Jadine. Just as expected, Jadines will always be there, ready to fight for them.

“Twenty-four na ang jadine, baka akala nyo baby pa sila. Commercial lang yan, yung iba akala mo nanay nila maka react sa mga ganitong commercial. Sayang bayad, may kailangan ipundar yang dalawa, hindi naman nila mabibigay ang milyones na talent fee. Maka pangutya, buti na lang walang pake yung dalawa, at least di sila nag aadik,” a fan exclaimed.

Let’s not put all the blame to Nadine and James, this is not just a decision between them; but this also includes the judgement and consideration to their management (Viva Entertainment) and handlers. After all, there’s no reason for them not to accept it since they don’t have work for now. Let’s just leave this issue hanging until the couple finally speaks up.





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