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Maymay Entrata feels ‘kilig’ over Edward Barber defending her to bashers

  • Maymay didn’t expected that Edward will defend her
  • Edward said he always got Maymay’s back
  • MayWard will soon be seen on big screen

PBB Lucky Season 7’s big winner admitted Maymay Entrata that she felt ‘kilig’ with her on-screen partner Edward Barber after defending her to bashers.

After the teen actress knew about what his knight and shining armor did, she shared feeling such an important person and was very happy.

“I’m feeling important,” she joked then laughed.

“Siyempre masaya po ako kasi isa siya sa malapit sa akin dahil talagang kung anong nakikita sa kaniya ng mga tao, ganun din po kasi siya, kung ako yung nakikita ko sakanya,” she explained.’

The 19-year-old actress revealed that she didn’t expect that her leading man would do such thing for her.

“Hindi ko naman po talaga alam yun eh, pero masarap pop ala sa feeling pag ipinagtatanggol ka,” she noted.

Looking back, it will be recalled that lots of people were telling the teen actor to stay away from Maymay as early as now because they’re not fit for each other as well as their career as a loveteam were seen to have no bright future.

Edward slammed haters of his loveteam when he said “I want to be with Maymay.”

But according to his prince Edward, he will not get tired of protecting her from the negative people. As long as she needs help, he always got her back.

“It’s not like a monthly subscription like I’m going to stop,” he said while laughing.

“Of course not as long as she needs my help, she needs it and if there’s something to defend her, it’s not like it’s going to stop,” he added.

Meanwhile, one of this generation’s hottest loveteams Mayward (Maymay and Edward) will soon invade the big screen together with another rising loveteam from PBB Lucky Season 7, Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo popularly known as KissMarc.

Their movie entitled “Loving In Tandem” will soon be showing in cinemas nationwide.

MayWard shared that although they find it hard shooting their first ever movie, they really enjoyed the experience.

“First time po naming Makita ang sarili naming sa movie sa malaking screen. Tapos parang kasi ito na po ang pinakamahirapna pinagdaanan naming yung acting acting yung maraming shots,” Maynay explained.

The two expressed their desire for their supporters to like their first movie because according to them, they really did their best for this project.

“You will cry and sana you’ll be happy and sana kiligin lahat,” Edward concluded.

Meantime, fans can still catch Maymay in the top rating primetime teleserye of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla (KathNiel), “La Luna Sangre.”


Written by Tea Rillo

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