Rogue August 2017: The Sports Issue featuring KC Del Rosario


People Keep Talking About Me

If social media is where you find the next big star, then the spotlight is shining bright on KC Del Rosario. The daughter of Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei talks to Ramon De Veyra about her upcoming plans of working in film and why you’ve really seen only 2% of the real KC.



The Weekend We Lost Him

On the afternoon of August 18, 2012, then DILG secretary Jesse Robredo wanted nothing more than to be with family in his hometown Naga. But fate had other plans: engine trouble would cause the Piper PA-34 Seneca that Robredo was in to crash off the shores of Masbate, killing him and the aircraft’s two pilots. Five years after the tragedy, Criselda Yabes recreates those terrifying hours from the recollections of those closest to the revered official: his wife Leni, his children, and his aide-de-camp, Jun Abrazado, the crash’s lone survivor.


Where Giants Tread

For eight decades, its bleachers had witnessed great triumphs and defeats, its grounds graced by sports superstars from Babe Ruth to Björn Borg to David Beckham. Surviving the threat of destruction early this year, the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex remains standing amidst decay and neglect. Krip Yuson recalls a lifetime of walking its hallowed grounds and keeping score.


Our Losing Season

Philippine sports does not lack in great rivalries, but the fiercest one today is happening behind the scenes. And no matter the winner, it seems the biggest loser is the Filipino athlete. Veteran sports journalist Francis T. J. Ochoa reports on the politics and plays for power inside the country’s highest sporting body, and the volatile feud between POC president Jose “Peping” Cojuangco and basketball legend and PSC commissioner Ramon Fernandez.


Game of the Generals

Jerrold Tarog’s Heneral Luna legitimized local blockbuster filmmaking for a new era, earning over 200 million at the box office, reigniting in audiences an interest in Philippine history, and transporting the director into superstardom. Now he and his producers are faced with an even more monumental task: coming up with act two. After a day on the set of Luna’s highly anticipated sequel, Emil Hofileña finds that Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral isn’t simply a case of history repeating itself.



The original Superbrat of tennis, John McEnroe continues to make headlines by acting out in ways that fans have come to dread and expect; we take a look at the best of recent Filipino cinema’s rising staple, the road movie; even in Manila’s snooty food scene, it seems everyone agrees that Josh Boutwood and The Test Kitchen are the real deal.



Once torn between being an artist and being a designer, metal-molding maverick Jinggoy Buensuceso unleashes objects and decor that defy the golden rule of form obeying function; the radical vision of Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass lives on in the fantastical Venini lamps and a show at the Met in New York.



We speed off the beaten path with adrenaline, torque, and racing threads laced with all the cool you need for a wild ride; Lucerne Group Managing Director Emerson Yao gives us a glimpse of his 30 years in the tough business of keeping time; French brand Azzaro’s third pillar men’s fragrance wants you to live life in the fast lane.



Mark Duane Angos examines a rising football academy’s from-the-ground-up approach to training for the beautiful game; CF Paderna unveils the online data scrub that ruined the Philippines’ top ranking in budget transparency in the region; Paolo Enrico Melendez ponders the sheer obstinacy that the aging amateur sportsman needs to stay active.




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