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Fans who love their idols so much and got them tattooed

  • Let’s admit it: fans get a little crazy over their idols sometimes. They do whatever it takes just to get steps closer to their favorite artists
  • One testament of their devotion as a fan is getting their idols’ names or faces tattooed on their body

Since time immemorial, people bore witness to the power possessed by fans. They would do almost anything in their might in order to reach their idols’ attentions and have them notice their efforts. Most of these fans are genuine and loyal, and some are I can safely say, extreme.

We gathered some of today’s biggest celebrities’ avid fans that went the extra mile in their love and support. They literally ‘tattoed’ the showbiz icons on their bodies as tributes and permanent dedication.

Maine Mendoza and AlDub fans

Kathryn Bernardo and KathNiel fans

Enchong Dee

Angeline Quinto

Indeed, these fans shouldn’t be taken lightly! Celebrities are lucky to have such invaluable support.

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