John Lloyd Cruz shocks netizens with his viral videos, the actor apologizes 

  • Award-winning actor John Lloyd Cruz was caught on fire after a series of photos and videos of the actor were leaked.
  • As of date, the actor has already apologized.

While there’s nothing wrong with eating, drinking and being merry – John Lloyd Cruz seemingly took it way too far. In a series of Instagram stories posted by a friend of Ellen Adarna, the actor was acting all weird and intoxicated.

The said photos and videos immediately went viral on Facebook. Others seemed to take it lightly and laughed at it. He is only human, after all. Meanwhile, others shared their disappointment towards the actor’s behavior.

More so, some even speculated that the actor was high on drugs.

“hay john lloyd anyare sayo”

“Special snowflake ba si John Lloyd at he gets a free pass? Role lang po nya ang Popoy at Miggy.”

“Why John Lloyd?! 💔”

“”I am sorry the old John Lloyd can’t come to the phone right now.” “Why?” “Because he’s dead.” 💔”

As we speak, John Lloyd has already apologized about the said incident.

“diz iz mi lerning. very humbling but i do apologize to the little boys & girls. no regrets babies just life revealing its raw beauty. 🌈”



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