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Martin Andanar says no performance ban for Mocha Uson, but not in casinos

  • Mocha Uson not banned from performing, but not in casinos.
  • PCOOSec. Andanar says Mocha can perform but not in places like casinos.

Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Martin Andanar said his Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson is not banned from doing live shows but not in places like casinos.

In his statement to the media on Thursday, Andanar said Mocha Uson had asked to honor her entertainment contracts prior to entering the government but he will be looking into the matter.

“Mocha asked permission to honor her entertainment contracts when she joined the government. Anyhow, we are still looking into the matter of Mocha performing inside RW”, said Andanar.

He added, Mocha is still allowed to perform with her group the Mocha Girls but he discouraged places like casinos.

“Mocha can still perform if she wishes but I would discourage her from performing in places like casinos,” Andanar added.

It seemed Andanar knew Mocha Uson is still performing with her group but not aware that it is in the casinos. During

During the budget hearing at the House of Representatives, Andanar confirmed that Mocha asked permission to continue performing but to where it is, he was not informed.

“Ang paalam lang po ay to continue and to honor contracts na pinirmahan ng Mocha Girls. So tayo po ay naiintindhan naman natin yun kailangan niyang i-honor yun. Pero walang nabanggit kung saan,” he said.

Government officials are barred from entering/performing and or playing inside casinos. A memorandum circular under the executive department is in place prohibiting all government officials from entering casinos.

Palace Spokesman Ernie Abella, said the Memorandum Circular must be complied with and there should be an investigation to confirm if Uson is guilty of any violation. He also said, the matter is within the PCOO to resolve.

“From the Palace point of view, [the] policy needs to be complied with. But in this matter, it needs to be properly vetted” he said.

“That will have to be a matter to be settled by the PCOO,” he added.

Mocha has sparked controversy again after being seen performing in Resorts World Manila despite the order barring all government officials from entering casinos.

Meanwhile, a day after getting backlash from social media, Andanar said Mocha Uson has already decided to stop performing with the Mocha Girls.

““I think Mocha has also decided to stop performing sa casinos,” he said.


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