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Nostalgia rush at the Rizal Park Hotel, glorious past of Old Manila restored

  • The Philippines carry a past like no other, this is why up until now the ruins from before still gets restored from time to time
  • Army and Navy Club (ANC) in Manila recently got transformed into an elegant five-star staycation spot: Rizal Park Hotel

Dubbed as the “Paris of Asia,” the former Army and Navy Club (ANC) is now a five-star boutique hotel that serves reminiscent of the glorious days in the past of Old Manila. It was once declared a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) on April 26, 1991.

ANC was built in 1911 and stood the first American social club in the country. It acted as a rest and recreation facility for the exclusive use of US military personnel and civilians. It was designed by the talented Architect William Parsons who is known for his trademark use of arches and neoclassical style. Sadly, as new ages emerged, this pillar of the past started to show signs of deterioration. Luckily, it was not too late to pick up the pieces.

Oceanville Hotel & Spa Corporation saw a glimmer of hope even in the dying walls of ANC. The company conducted process of restorations on the place and was still able to retain the old Club’s architectural design, distinctive features, lay-out, room dimensions, and interior motif.

This is only the beginning of Oceanville’s goal to bring back to life the beauty left by history. According to a representative from the company, “Oceanville would be open to helping government rehabilitate more historic buildings around the country.”

Rizal Park Hotel showcases 110 beautifully designed rooms with unique colonial-era motif that provides its guests a rush of nostalgia while in comfort and luxury. It also features a 24-hour restaurant, Café Rizal, which offers a delectable selection of international cuisine through a buffet spread and ala carte menu. The hotel boasts a fully-equipped entertainment facilities such as a spa, a courtyard, and a casino. Function halls, a swimming pool, gym and lifestyle centers, marina, and a Chinese fine dining restaurant are also expected to open by the end of the year.

“History In Style,” remains the mantra for every Oceanville restoration project. The new doesn’t have to get rid of the old indeed as Rizal Park Hotel is a symbol for the new generation of Filipinos who value their rich cultural heritage but also promote economic progress and embrace change brought by time.

Please watch this video to see more of Rizal Park Hotel:

For more information about the Rizal Park Hotel, please visit For inquiries and reservations, call(02) 804 8700.

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