Pinoy celebrities who died at their prime

Death is a throbbing manifestation of everyone’s mortality, the tunnel of omega, the end. No one can avoid this life’s end process, not with money and not with fame. Death is naturally shocking but it will take a whole new extent if someone popular and loved by everyone suddenly passes away.

Philippine showbiz has its several sudden mourn with the loss of their brightest and biggest stars by death. It is a symbolism that death do not choose threads to reap. Here is the list of Pinoy Celebrities who died at the prime of their career.

Julie Pearl Apostolic Postigo “Julie Vega”

At  the age of 16, Julie Vega made the Philippine showbiz industry cried with her death. It was during the 1980’s when Julie Vega took the limelight unto her shadow. She did several iconic roles that caught the hearts of Filipino viewers with her great acting even on her early age. With her angelic face and innocent aura, her character “AnnaLiza” was loved and cherished by viewers and critics.

Ricardo Carlo Castro Yan “Rico Yan”

Before Piolo Pascual, John Lloyd Cruz and Jerico Rosales, there was Rico Yan who captured the giggling hearts of young Filipinas. With his dazzling smile, good looks, boy-next-door attributes and great acting, Rico Yan effortlessly made a spot in Philippine showbiz. His team up with Claudine Barretto and Judy Ann Santos were well-loved and supported by their respective fans.

But amid his successful showbiz career, Rico Yan died at the age of 27. His death broke the hearts of his millions of fans and a massive nation’s grief.

Mark Angelo Cadaweng Cielo “Marky Cielo”

After named as StarStruck Season 3, Marky Cielo abruptly made his spot on Philippine showbiz. He did several TV series and some movies like Zaido:Pulis Pangkalawakan and his last TV apperance, LaLola.

Two years after his TV debut, Marky died at the age of 20. He was found unconscious on his bed and declared dead-on-arrival.

Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez “AJ Perez”

One of the Star Magic’s promising stars, AJ Perez did several TV series and episodes for “Maaalala Mo Kaya.” He was then partnered with his fellow young stars, Lauren Young and Jessy Mendiola. Aside from his naturally good looks, AJ proved to showbiz industry that he had what it takes to be the next in demand leading man.

AJ died at the age 18 due to car accident during his way back to Manila from a provincial show.

Death is, indeed the most surprising thing in life. We are really unaware to the fact that death do not choose any status or age, it does not exempt money and fame. It will really come so we must enjoy the memories we have with our families now because we don’t know the time or day when we might not be with them.

To the families of these young and talented actors and actress thank you for letting them be a part of Philippine Showbiz. We salute to you



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