Rogue October 2017: The Design Issue


The House of a Thousand Deaths

After getting rising social media influencer, society darling, and this month’s cover girl Jess Wilson to reveal her deepest darkest fears, Philbert Dy uses them as fuel to craft a work of fiction filled with haunted houses and gruesome deaths, shock, and suspense.


Off-Type: A Design Portfolio

The new and emerging designers of today find themselves in fields both stubbornly beholden to tradition and perpetually on the lookout for the next great trend. Rogue visits the creative spaces of seven rising talents unfazed by the demands of their industries and more than ready to leave their mark, whether or not the world is ready for them.

In Lieu of Flowers

For close to three decades, there was only one name for Manila’s posh and pampered ladies when it came to flowers and dressing up their well-appointed homes: Ronnie Laing, the decorator who would help introduce beauty to post-war Manila, and whose stylings would bring life to the endless fetes the Marcoses would throw in and out of Malacañang. Jerome Gomez traces the rise of Imelda’s decorator and the murder that put an end to a dreamlike world

Seasons of the Abyss: The Rogue Horror Anthology

Step into darkness and what comes back? Presenting three stories from some of the country’s best screenwriters, fictionists, and horror impresarios: 170 by Yvette Tan, Punching Reynald by Mihk Vergara, and finally, Sanctuary by Eliza Victoria

When You See Me Again It Won’t Be Me

You find yourself in a familiar place you do not recognize. It fits you like a glove. Something is not right, until it is. Shaira Luna captures a story of timeless styles inspired by a Lynchian world.

The Widow and Nick Joaquin

If there was anyone who came closest to being the necessary “other half” of Joaquin’s famously mysterious (if altogether non-existent) romantic life, it was Elena Roco. Her closeness to the National Artist sparked a furor in the 70s culturati scene after the newly widowed Math and Spanish professor started appearing in social functions with the literary giant. In the centennial year of the National Artist’s birth, Lito B. Zulueta traces the beginnings of their relationship, while introducing us to the titan of Philippine letters’ drinking buddy, staunch critic, and longtime companion



A compendium of X-rated movie posters returns to remind porn connoisseurs that sex sells not by accident, but by design; from idle land used as a holding area for rusting motor parts rises one of the most modern public libraries in the country; Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve opens up exploring the mythos of the sci-fi cult classic.



Furniture meets fiction as we take some of the best designs today as the inspiration for five stories of decadence, lust, and danger; Maison & Objet Designer of the Year Tristan Auer creates contemporary and romantic spaces in the iconic Hôtel de Crillon; Caracole’s signature pieces take on global aesthetics for simple and elegant interiors.



From supersized silhouettes to denser fabrics, far-out explorations of the tried and tested make up this year’s trends for Fall; the men behind Ascot Chang talk about what a keen eye for detail can do for the modern gentleman’s lifestyle; jeweler Paul Syjuco talks Superbowl champions, rock ‘n roll dreams, and revolutions.



Nelson A. Navarro ponders over the irony of Manila’s dizziest fantasies, most recently realized in a grand wedding in Paris at the Opera Garnier; Patrick Paez presents his case for the city of Manila as avant-garde; Lilianna Manahan recounts her return trip to the Czech Republic with two other designers, all there to create glass objet d’art.


“A League of Our Own” at Vivere Hotel & Resorts

“100 Tula Para Kay Stella” premieres on television via SKY Movies PPV