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Sebastian Castro confirms break up with his long-time boyfriend Ryan Chua

  • YouTube sensation Sebastian Castro revealed relationship with Ryan Chua is finally over.
  • The 27-year old Peruvian-Asian confirmed their break up through his Instagram post.

YouTube sensation Sebastian Castro shocked the online world with his revelation posted on his Instagram account.

The 27-year old Peruvian-Asian confirmed break-up with his long time boyfriend, Ryan Chua.

Sebastian and Ryan admitted their relationship last 2014. Since then, their relationship was shared with their followers online.

“Sebastian: happy third anniversary mahal
sorry we couldn’t spend it together pero malapit na ang jan 21. :* (January 2017)”

“fun fact: bae’s half taiwanese”

“just uploaded a new vid “the boyfriend tag,” a vid where ry and i answer random questions (link in bio)”

“built and organized this book shelf with bae, sort of. he did the building part. 🔨”


“seeya at pride tmrw wOOt wOOt !!”

On the other hand, prior to their break up, Sebastian posted a video clip during Ryan’s birthday two years ago.

Sebastian wrote, “when you throw such a good surprise bday party bae is shookt (note: i’m sharing this for the first time, but the vid’s from his bday two years ago.)”

Sebatian: “hey bimb, i threw a surprise party for ry’s 27th birthday *two years ago* and decided it was about time i share it with you. tis a tale of explosive diarrhea and ATM withdrawals, among other many great adventures (link to full vid in my bio).”

Awww… Sad. 


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