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Sebastian Castro reveals reason on break-up with Ryan Chua; shares “coming out” story

  • Commercial model Sebastian Castro finally broke his silence on his break up with long time boyfriend, Ryan Chua.
  • The 27-year old model-actor shared his “coming out” story as a gay.

On an exclusive interview of with model-turned-actor Sebastian Castro, the 27-year old Peruvian-Asian American revealed reason on break-up with long time boyfriend Ryan Chua.

“Recently, on September 22 lang, my boyfriend and I just broke up. Ryan Chua and I, yung dating TV Patrol reporter was in a relationship for four years. It’s my only serious relationship,” he said.

“I didn’t have serious relationship most of my life, not with girls or not even with men because all of the people I’ve met were closeted and it was never a mature relationship in my opinion. But with Ryan, for four years, we chose to come out, we chose to unapologetically be ourselves, share our lives in social media and… ayun,” he sadly shared.

“Long distance ang number one reason. Kasi, siyempre Beijing (China) siya, ako dito sa Maynila. It’s just not realistic,” he ended.

Sebastian: happy third anniversary mahal
sorry we couldn’t spend it together pero malapit na ang jan 21. :* (January)

On the other hand, Sebastian also shared how he came out as gay. “May mga tao na nagsasabi, I knew it when I was six years old, sabi ko, ‘Ha, paano?’ At six years old I was just a kid, I wasn’t thinking about those things. So, me, I realized pretty late, I was 15 noon,” he started sharing.

“I think some people do not realize that they could fall in love with a man until they are in their late 20s, sometimes 30s. So, depende talaga sa tao. Hindi lahat tayo parehas, di ba?” he added.

The 27-year old model-actor admitted having girlfriend before he realized he is gay.

“It was very hard for me to deal with that point in my life because, of course, unfair sa girl.

“So, when I was in high school, in the very beginning, like I told you I’m kind a knew I was gay at 15 pero medyo in denial pa rin ako. So, yeah, I was that guy who had a few and one specific girlfriend ended up becoming my best friend.

His then girlfriend forgave him upon knowing his reasons. “She forgave me after she heard the story. Of course, she’s laughing at me but she understood where I was coming from. It’s hard to find out something about yourself na you’re different and the world’s going to judge you for it,” he stated.

“But normal millennials, in fairness sa generation namin, we tend to be a little bit more open minded and more embracing of LGBT culture, so I’m very lucky,” he ended.


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