Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics launches Victorious Hunks and Beauties family

As one of the big names in the field of beauty and wellness, Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics (VHMA) welcomes a new members of the family that have been victorious for their overall success in their careers and well-being. Anchored by their dedication and expertise, VHMA continues with their unique and innovative concepts of treatment planning and procedures.
Last September 28, 2017 the company launched their newest family on their Victorious Hunks and Beauties event held on I’m Hotel, Makati. The event was graced by celebrities and media people who were equally excited about the new milestone of Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics.
Sexbomb NewGen set the floor on fire with their sultry performance.
Victorious Hunks and Beauties Family

Vine Holistic’s Victorious Hunks and Beauties embodied the virtues and the dedication of the VHMA in the field of beauty and wellness. With their over-all success in their careers and well-being, these hunks and beauties added credibility and public trust to the company.

Some of the Philippines showbiz’ veteran actors and new stars, Jaime Fabregas and Mylene Dizon joined by Matthias Rhoads, Jose Sarsola, Carlos Agassi and Aia de Leon were dressed with confidence and class during the event.

Famous basketball players Ryan Araña, John Wilson, Jericho Cruz and Roi Sumang attended the event dressed with their silky suits outside dribbles and sweats. Fitness enthusiast and “Millennial Adonis” Rendon Labador flaunted his tone body with the help of Vine Holistic.

New Treatments and Innovatice Technologies

Calci Drip for Bone Strength

Gains Drip for Weight Gain
Sexy Drip for Fat Reducer
The White Drip for Gleaming, Glowing and Fairer Skin



The machine’s ultrasound can penetrate directly, re-align and rejuvenates the tissues under the skin. This process of lifting, re-modelling and oxygenation of the tissue gives an instant effect that reduces the thickness of tissues with no pain.


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