Game of Gadgets: Be a wise techie with these simple tips

New gadgets are popping up faster than you can say the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (try saying that really, really, quick). That smartphone or electronic device you got last month is already halfway to being obsolete in a couple of months. Just look at the rate Apple and Samsung have been producing advertisements for their new phones.

Old models will be replaced by their brand new cousins with bigger and faster memory, clearer displays and more powerful cameras, in addition to a whole suite of new features. It’s a never-ending cycle.

But does that always have to be the case? Is it worth it always spending a big chunk of your hard-earned cash on to keep up with the trends, while your old gadgets sit one side, barely used after only a few months.

Most of us want to own a good, reliable gadget. Bonus points if it looks pretty. After all, inggit or envy has lead more than one Filipino to replace their devices even if they didn’t actually need one.  It’s almost like a game or a race to see who can own the best and latest device first.

But to keep saving and putting aside that kind of money every few months (I’m looking at you, iPhone X) can be tough.

Here are some simple tips to get ahead of the game and come away with a winning device.


Know your priorities

It’s not wrong to indulge every now and then but know your priorities. As the old adage goes, “Live within your means.” Just because you can afford it now, doesn’t mean you absolutely have to buy it now. Reward yourself with that big buy after you’ve taken care of all the essentials.

Bonus tip: Do more with less. Get yourself a gadget that will benefit not just your lifestyle but your work or studies as well.


Take care of your gadgets

Like anything, gadgets last longer when they are well taken cared of. That means buying protective cases for them and  generally handling them carefully. Too many knocks, cracks and scratches aren’t just bad for your phone’s over-all look can also damage the fragile internal components. So there are benefits to being mindful when handling your device.

Sell your old gadgets

Well-maintained gadgets that still look and perform great can be sold for a good sum. If you decide that you want to buy a new gadget, you can sell your old ones to someone else who needs it. If you’ve taken care of it, it’ll probably still function as good as new. You can then use the extra cash for your next purchase. Win-win!

Nehro Jacovf Ranay (@qualitygadgetsonline), a notable gadgets Carouseller offer this useful tip on how to sell preloved devices.

Set your price in the middle of the lowest and the regular price for the item that you are selling,” he suggests. Pricing your gadgets too low may cause doubts on the usability of the product you’re selling, while setting a higher price might put off potential buyers due to cheaper alternatives.

It is important to remember that ALL buyers will always take into consideration getting the best value they can get for every purchase they make, preloved or otherwise.

Nehro explains further, “Setting the price in the middle is the best way to catch the audience attention because this gives the potential buyers a middle ground for buying. “  

Be on the lookout for good deals

Be sure to keep an eye out for deals like sales and promos. On preloved marketplaces like  Carousell, some users just want to declutter and get rid of their stuff at very reasonable prices Just be patient in looking for a good deal.

Carousell provides a platform for people with similar or related interests to come together and share their experience. For example your one-year-old cellphone might just be the gadget someone on a tight budget is looking for. Not only will it benefit the buyer, it will also help you net decent cash so you can buy a new cellphone.

In his experience, Nehro adds that Carousell has been a great place to sell his gadgets online. He makes enough selling electronic devices that it’s almost a part time job on the side of his studies.

It has been great due to the increasing amount of people using Carousell. More and more people view our phones and gadgets resulting to a higher total revenue.”



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