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“Throwback Today” will make you believe in time machines

  • One of this year’s Cinema One Originals film entries, “Throwback Today,” has a surprisingly nostalgic plot.
  • Starring Carlo Aquino, Empress Schuck, and Annicka Dolonius, the movie tells a story of love in circles.

As a kid, I used to believe in time machines because it sounded really cool. Now as an adult, although I do not believe anymore, I  still wish that there exists a platform where one can get back to their past and somehow, have the chance to change things. Director Joseph Teoxon’s “Throwback Today (TT),” relived these fantasies.

Remember when we were teenagers committing several mistakes may it intentional or not. Like smoking cigarettes with our friends no matter how we know we’re prohibited to do so. Or the time we fell in love, not minding anything but emotions. These memories came into mind while watching TT.

TT’s plot was told in a fresh yet familiar way. It started with two friends, Primo (Carlo Aquino) and Andie (Empress Schuck) inside a cinema watching a Lav Diaz lengthy film. Little did they know that the moment they leave that place, their past will haunt them.

Primo discovered that he can communicate to his past self through an old computer. Knowing his current self’s crisis in love and finance, he tried to have his old self fix things.  He did this in order to wake up to a better tomorrow where he gets the girl he likes and the career path he always dream of.

Unfortunately and not surprisingly, it’s not all that easy. Primo can’t seem to escape this one “mistake”– a girl he met in college.  Primo blames her for his misfortunes. Had he not fell into the her traps, his live would have been better.

The movie took the audience in a u-turn trip into Primo’s life and its many versions. One thing we all enjoyed was the persistence amid the struggle, which was executed in the most entertaining way.

In the end everyone found themselves wondering what it would be like to be in the same situation as Primo.

What would you tell your younger self? Comment below!

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