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17 Teleserye Kontrabidas That We Just Love To Hate in 2017

  • Without the kontrabidas, the life of bidas would be too boring to watch.
  • Bidas won’t have a reason to get stronger as their show progresses.
  • As 2017 ends, let’s look back on the 17 Kontrabidas that made headlines this year:

Hanggang Saan

Ariel Rivera as Jacob Montecillo

According to viewers, Ariel Rivera became an efficient kontrabida as a second husband and stepfather. His character, Jacob Montecillo, actually turned out as the reason why Educare business got dragged down to the ground. This also became the reason why Eric Quizon’s character, Edward Lamoste, decided to commit sucide. Then, Edward even used Sylvia Sanchez’s character, Sonya Mitra-Alipio, in the process.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Eddie Garcia as Don Emilio Syquia

Cardo Dalisay captured Tomas Tuazon for an illegal drug syndicate. Eddie Garcia’s Don Emilio Syquia frames the police officer with illegal drug possession in retaliation for the conviction of Tomas. This, then, led to Cardo’s time in jail. Don Emilio’s organization still remains harassing and threatening his family. He would also fake any pain that would potentially save him from confrontation.

Kambal, Karibal

Kyline Alcantara as Cheska De Villa

In the recent press conference for Kambal, Karibal, Cheska De Villa shared her own opinions on being a kontrabida. She also shared that she actually feels comfortable for the said role. Then, she also continued to add how the role actually felt flexible for her.

“Comfortable po ako sa role na ‘yon. And then, masaya po na i-portray ang pagiging kontrabida because puwede ka pong magbait-baitan. Puwede mong ipakita ‘yung maldita side mo. Puwede kang maging baliw.”

The Good Son

Jerome Ponce as Enzo Buenavides

Jerome Ponce’s Enzo deserves a spot here in this list as he became the primary suspect of his father’s murder. Enzo also needed to prove his innocence after a new set of evidence attested to his bad temper and capacity to hurt. Maybe, even kill his father. The said evidence has been uncovered by his half-brother.

Jeric Raval as Mang Dado

No one really knows who killed Victor Buenavides (Albert Martinez) until recent episodes come into play. When Jeric Raval’s Mang Dado killed an investigator in cold blood in order to hide his relationship with Eula Valdez’s Olivia. The murder of an investigator helps to think that maybe just maybe the driver-slash-lover also killed Victor, too?


Thea Tolentino as Lucille Bermudez

Thea Tolentino’s Lucille turned out to be an evil woman. She hurts others through a simple caress. She inherited the witchcraft ability from the most powerful sorceress of her time. Lucille, then, developed her powers from a cunning scourge witch. Then, the extraordinary capability for her revenge and selfish ambition purposes made out of anger.


Kris Bernal as Rosette Villaroman

Kris Bernal plays both bida and also, kontrabida on the said show. Rosette looks beautiful and is ultimately rich. Although, she already has everything, she still doesn’t feel content on what she has. She also wants to leave her family behind and run away with her other lover. Rosette manipulates Nimfa, a kindhearted young woman who looks exactly like her, to be her.

Pusong Ligaw

Bianca King

A slightly trouble character, Bianca King’s Marga Dimaawa turns to be a bida-kontrabida role that definitely made everyone awe. Viewers have a love-hate relationship with the character and Bianca also Keven attested to it.

“I think ‘yung mga tao love at hate nila si Marga. Love kasi gusto nila ‘yung portrayal pero hate kasi ako ‘yung medyo troubled character.”

Diego Loyzaga as Miraculo “Potpot/Ira” Policarpio

In a recent turn of events, Diego Loyzaga’s Potpot became Ira, a cold and heartless young man avenging his parents’ death. Diego even said in an interview that he felt very happy for the role given to him.

“Medyo may pagkakontrabida muna ‘ko ngayon, may masamang factor muna ‘yung character ko, I like it, I’m really happy.”

Then, he added:

“I’m happy na binigyan ako ng Star Creatives ng ganitong role and a chance na ipakita ko kung ano’ng mga kaya kong gawin sa pag-arte.”

La Luna Sangre

Richard Gutierrez as Sandrino “Supremo” Villalobo

Richard Gutierrez’s Supremo would be the crazed king of vampires hellbent in spreading terror after waking anew. Although he has three personas, the Supremo would be the scariest of all. Having such a lonely and violent childhood, his mother despised him as he became a reminder of a sexual abuse. He called him a monster and kept him imprisoned.

With powerful resiliency, he became the leader of his race, the King of the evil vampires.

Ika-6 na Utos

Ryza Cenon as Georgia Ferrer

Adultery has never become such a hit to watch on television. Ryza Cenon’s Georgia certainly gave the kontrabida a twist with her quick wit and meme-able facial expressions. In an exclusive interview with GMA Entertainment, Ryza also admitted why she felt different playing the said role. Although she has been a kontrabida for multiple of times, Georgia felt different and more important than the rest.

“Before kasi more on support ako. Ngayon lead kasi, so sobrang important ng character. Medyo naninibago ako, so bawat kilos ko dapat napag-iisipan lagi.”

Then she added:

“Masaya siya na nakaka-pressure rin kasi antaas ng expectation ng mga tao. Gusto nila perfect performance, ganyan, so nakaka-pressure. To be honest, na-stress din ako habang nagte-taping. Pero sabi nga nila, ‘Kaya mo ‘yan.”


Although not really included, some of the most iconic kontrabidas in Wildflower deserve an honorable mention in this list.

Tirso Cruz III as Julio Ardiente

Tirso Cruz III received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the 22nd Asian TV Awards for his portrayal of the Julio Ardiente. Juilo can either be a greedy and powerful governor or a greedy and powerful father. There would be no in between with his character as he really just takes the cake for being a money-grubbing man.

Wendell Ramos as Raul Torillo

Raul Torillo only married Aiko Melendez’s Emilia Ardiente to advance his political ambitions. Then, he proceeded to cheat on his wife to his son’s ex-girlfriend. Plus, he sexually assaulted Camia, Lily Cruz’s mother. This, then, lead to Dante filing a sexual assault case against Raul which resulted into Lily’s parents demise.

RK Bagatsing as Arnaldo Ardiente-Torillo

RK Bagatsing’ Arnaldo Torillo killed Carlota, Lily Cruz’s adoptive mother. He turned to be a psychopath and obsessed with Ivy Aguas. Although, Ivy used this as her advantage to push him to the brink of madness. Maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? He sexually assaulted Ivy when he planned a night along with her in his yacht.

Zsa Zsa Padilla as Helena Montoya / Red Dragon

Zsa Zsa Padilla’s surprising Helena Montoya carries out a mission to destroy Lily Cruz. She remained a powerful female leader of several illegal organizations. As Red Dragon, she ultimately becomes the cunning and calculative woman able to hide her syndicate power throughout the years. She deserves a spot on this list because of how the uncovering of Red Dragon’s identity went iconic and viral on social media.

Roxanne Barcelo as Nathalie Alcantara

The leading and prime villainess of the series. Nathalie Alcantara used to be Arnaldo’s fiancée but only being used to advance his father’s political career. Roxanne Barcelo carried out the jealous girlfriend role successfully as viewers still quote out her iconic lines. Every time Nathalie and Ivy would cross paths, it will always lead to a dramatic but iconic confrontation.

Finally, the kontrabida that no one really wants to cross paths with… except for a vengeful Lily Cruz:


Aiko Melendez as Emilia Ardiente

Emilia Ardiente married the love of her life, Raul who only married her to advance his political ambitions. Emilia’s quest for love from Raul and affection from her father, Julio, drives her to indulge in her dark tendencies. With her intelligent attitude and iconic lines, Aiko’s Emilia Ardiente will continue to make us love to hate her.

Emilia orders for the murder of anyone who crosses her.


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